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Sunday, January 27, 2008

:: FiGhTiNg...!! ::

current mood : fighting mode!
current song : i will survive

so little time
so many things to do

so many achievements to grasp

so many decisions to be made

so, ppl make sacrifice. [a meaningful quote taken from the book entitled 'the 5 ppl u meet in heaven'.]


you made one. i made one. we all make them.
sacrifice is part of life. it is supposed to be. it is not something to regret.
it's something to aspire to.

A father works very hard as the breadwinner for his family, so that he can send his kids to school, provide a comfortable and better living for the family. that is sacrifice.

my family. the star is incomplete bcoz one person is M.I.A. [missing in action]

A mother who always support and comfort us with her gentle touches and sweet smiles even though she is crying silently behind us. [ we never know]. that is what sacrifice is all about.

that's the thing. sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you are not really losing it. you are just passing it on to someone else. you lost something, but you gained something as well. you just don't know it yet.

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try,
sometimes you just might find you get what you need"
~The Rolling Stones

capturing my mom's shadow. *smile

Now, I learned lesson from the past that self-discipline, preparation, determination, persistence, love of God and love from the people around me is the passport for success. Trials and hardships make a man strong, Failure and mistakes make a man humble but only the Loving God keeps a man going. I truly believe that.

Therefore, beginning today no longer I think what others think about me. No longer I doubt and weep. No longer have I compared myself with others, instead I compare only my past self so I can be able to love and learn to appreciate my being..insha-Allah.


p/s : delta i come!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

:: haPpy New YeAr..!!! ::

current mood : delighted, happy, mentally exhausted
current song : Home Sweet Home by Yuki [naruto OST]

No one can go back and make a brand new start.
But anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

God did not promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.

Happy New Year
Wishing You All The Best for 2008!! *smile

p/s : Happiness is flowers from the right person. *wink