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Sunday, December 27, 2009

:: My bestfriend weDDing ::

25 Dec, 2009. Jumaat.
Malam itu aku tidak dapat melelapkan mata. Hati terasa risau dan gelisah menanti hari esok. Tak pasti kenapa.
Namun, aku berharap segalanya berjalan lancar di majlis pernikahan esok.

26 Dec,2009. Sabtu.
11.20 am, Masjid UKM, Bangi.
Teman baikku sejak di tingkatan 4, anisa...telah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan pilihan hatinya, ando.
Nisa nampak berseri-seri, bak kata orang.."seri pengantin" *smile
Hati rasa sangat-sangat gembira dan terharu kerana teman baikku kini telah melangkah ke satu alam yang baru dalam hidupnya, iaitu alam perkahwinan. Tuhan, bimbing dan berilah kekuatan untuknya menjadi isteri solehah. ~amin

apabila dua hati bertemu kerana satu tujuan iaitu Allah swt,
itulah yang dinamakan kebahagiaan.

teman-teman rapat yang hadir di majlis penikahan.

27 Dec,2009. Ahad. 11.40 am, Bangi.
Melihat mak andam menyiapkan temanku. Menemani dan membantu sekadar yang perlu. Suasana ketika menyiapkan pengantin agak kelakar bercampur kecoh, kabut dan ceria...hehe... seronok sangat..!!

tadaa....!!! cantik kan?

selamat pengantin baru anisa & ando.
semoga bahagia sampai ke syurga.

p/s: buat ando, sayangi dan lindungilah dia sepenuh hati. bimbinglah dia menuju ke syurga Ilahi. aku di sini sentiasa mendoakan.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

:: 1431 ::

1 Muharram 1431.
May this new year full with Allah s.w.t blessings and love, benefit from the knowledge that He has bestowed upon us, and most of all may He leads us to the light of hidayah.

Jaga hati, pelihara diri, hiasi peribadi.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

:: RainY vs SuNnY ::

current mood : calm and stress-free..[ it's weekend..!!! not working..!!]
current song : ring ding dong by shinee

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”

Not me. I'll say sunshine and rain bring happiness. I'll dance in both situation...!!! I love sunny day, and I love rainy day too. *smile

If we put the literal meaning aside, and think about it deeper, sunshine = happy moments. Yes, without a doubt, we will be very happy, feeling really content during our happy moments. On the other hand, rain is always associated with sad, gloomy moments. Is it possible to be happy in this situation? I would say yes. When we fight the sadness and obstacles bravely, in the end, we will end up with smiling. We will also find and learn something from it. That is what life is all about.

Don't forget that every cloud has a silver lining. [betol tak?]

p/s : what about u guys?? suka hujan or sunny day?? *wink

Saturday, December 05, 2009

:: Bahagia sampai ke syurga ::

current mood : serene + happy
current song : Kau kawan, sahabat dan teman by UNIC

Aku selalu percaya bahawa sahabat karib itu tercipta dari sebuah kepercayaan dan takdir Tuhan. Mempunyai kawan yang ramai tidak bermakna semuanya adalah sahabat karib. Sahabat karib padaku, tidak semestinya harus saling bertemu atau bertegur sapa. Adakalanya, kawan kita itu jauh di mata. Biar jarang berutus khabar berita, namun nama sahabat karib itu selalu disebut-sebut dalam doa.

Aku bersyukur dan bertuah kerana mempunyai sahabat-sahabat yang mengingatkan aku kepada Tuhan apabila melihat wajahnya, membuatkan aku menginsafi diri bila berbicara dengannya, dan membuatkan aku ingin menambah amalan tatkala melihat tingkah lakunya. Alhamdulillah... *smile

Aku berasa sungguh bertuah, namun kadangkala terlintas di fikiranku...adakah mereka juga berasa begitu? Bertuah mengenali/memiliku teman seperti aku?

Buat sahabat-sahabatku, terima kasih kerana membuat diri ini terasa bererti.
Aku gembira dan syukur buat kalian.
Akan aku cuba kotakan janjiku.
Seperti yang pernah kita sama-sama angankan suatu ketika dulu.
Nantikan aku di halaman rumah kalian, insha-Allah.
Semoga bahagia sampai ke syurga.

p/s : mendapat ilham setelah membaca bicara kak sue dan encik sangpelangi tentang sahabat karib mereka. *smile

Friday, December 04, 2009

:: Am i RighT... ??? ::

current mood : excited... friday nite fever..!!
current song : nil

It has been 5 weeks since i started my internship. A lot of things happen, I am glad it happens, alhamdulillah. *smile

Let the pictures tell how my 5 weeks were. *grin

:: week 5 (this week) ::
my workstation is messy. i think my workstation is transforming to a beaver nest. full with stack of papers. folders, product catalogs.
[ni pon br lepas kemas..huhu]

:: yesterday ::
the workstation was full with drawings in various paper size, A2, A1, and the worst of all.. A0... [bleh wat alas meja tuu...]

:: today, afternoon ::
these small notes were pasted by my supervisor. he said it will make my task easier, and making my pc look colorful...what the heck?
[hmm... xtau la apa lg yg dia nk tampalkan pasni]

Working there are difficult, yet challenging. It makes me stronger everyday, because new things keep appearing everyday, unexpectedly. That is why it makes life more beautiful. All I have to do is never give up, be ready all the time, and work hard.

Kurang semangat mengakibatkan lebih banyak kegagalan
berbanding kurangnya kebijaksanaan dan kemahiran.

Am i right??

Sunday, November 22, 2009

:: my to-buy list ::

current mood+ behavior : eccentric
current song : 3 by britney spears

Bacalah dengan menyebut nama Tuhanmu Yang Menciptakan. Dia telah menciptakan manusia dari ‘alaq. Bacalah, dan Tuhanmulah Yang Maha Pemurah. Yang mengajar dengan pena, mengajar manusia apa yang tidak diketahuinya."
(Al-‘Alaq: 1-5)

These are the books in my to-buy list :
1. Have a little faith: a true story by Mitch Albom [motivation]
2. Yakjuj & Makjuj : bencana di sebalik gunung by Muhammad Alexander [ religion]
3. The book of tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern [ fiction]
4. The gift by Cecelia Ahern [ fiction]
5. Untukmu wanita by Ustaz Zaharudin Abdul Rahman [ religion]
6. Heaven can wait by Cally Tailor. [fiction/love]

I am very surprise when I come across this book- " A history of God : The 4,000 quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam" in a bookstore today. This book was once banned from entering Malaysia market a few years ago, because the government thinks that the content is too sensitive because it is a comparative religion discussion about God existence. I am waiting and looking forward to buy it because it is highly recommended by many Muslims scholars including Malaysian Muslims scholars too. But now, it is every where in Malaysia. [ i wonder why?? ] I am adding this book in my list. *smile

For those who have read any of the book mentioned above, please let me know how it was. Best tak?? Besides that, if you guys have read any interesting book, no matter what genre it is, please recommend it to me..!! Onegai shimasu..!! *wink
Mari membaca, and take care people.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

:: 2012: we were warned ::

current mood : indescribable
current song : lollipop by 2ne1

The world will end on 21 December 2012.

The movie is just what I expected. You need to sit back and enjoy how realistic everything looked. There's a lot of drama, suspense and action. Scary in general, but it has an inspiring message in every scene. The movie heavily relies on the CG visuals. Nevertheless, the CG effects seem very real...!!!

A must watch film..!!!

After watching this movie, these are the messages [that i got] :
1. how people can completely change in order to survive.
2. do not wait until the last moment to appreciate your love ones, especially your family.
3. fight until the end. never hold back.

I will continue further no more to avoid any spoiler content. *wink

What will happen in 2012? Will the world come to an end? Only Allah swt knows best. We are not the one who can decide what will happen. However, as we are granted with knowledge, we can possibly see the signs from Him, because He expects us to reflect and draw conclusions from them. [ spt yg telah dinyatakan di entri terdahulu]

take care people. blog adjourn.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

:: yellow + white ::

current mood : serene and happy [because it's raining..!!]
current song : super girl by super junior

SPM is around the corner.
It is less than two weeks from now. Last night while talking to my little sister on the phone, I asked her about her final preparation for the fierce and merciless battle, the SPM. She said that so far, her preparation is good..but she is very-very nervous. I understand her feeling since I had experienced it before.

Hmmm.. when thinking back about my high school...the year when I sat for the SPM. I can still remember the feeling. Nervous, but at the same time excited. Nervous because I was afraid of screwing up my papers. Excited because I don't have to go through the nerve wrecking moment again..haha

All in all... I really enjoy my high school years. So much memories and unforgettable moments.

cantik tak? baru je beli semalam.

They are the combination of white and yellow chrysanthemums. There is a florist shop that I regularly visit to buy flowers to decorate my room or my table. The flowers are fresh, nice and really cheap. The yellow and white colours give me these energetic and fresh feeling whenever I look at them.

Lately I noticed the power, feeling, mood, and some sort of energy that comes from flowers and plants around me. God shows us proofs of His creation with His superior power and infinite knowledge everywhere, and expects us to reflect and draw conclusions from them. As stated in the Holy Quran, only people capable of using their intellects can think and learn and thus know and appreciate our Lord in the best possible way.

Mari melihat dengan mata hati... *smile

Saturday, October 31, 2009

:: it's saturday..!!! ::

current mood : mari berehat di hujung minggu..hehe
current song : nil

Last night i had a very sweet dream..but totally can't remember what is it after i wake up. Today is saturday..!!! yeay..!! It's time for me to rest all day, do nothing but pampering myself. *smile

So far, i had spend two weeks in muehlbauer technology sdn. bhd. . In my department, there are six engineers (including me). Among these six people, there are two malays- me and mr hisham.

[if u can speak in English, it doesn't mean that your English is good. Usually others can tell directly whether u r good or not when u open your mouth]

But in this place, everyone here are very fluent in english, and half of them are very fluent in dutch including mr hisham because they once finished their degrees in germany.

The thing that impress me is, even though they are sooo unbelievably good in english and dutch, all of them converse in bahasa malaysia amongs them. usually when chinese is talking to chinese, they prefer to talk in chinese or english right? But not them!
They speak in malay!! All of them..!! Their malay is not that good, [mixing with pelat cina and pelat india] but still, they honour the official language, bahasa malaysia. [terharu..!!!]

Rasa klaka plak bila india bersembang dengan cina in malay...haha...cute!! kalau nak mencarut, they replaced all the carut-carutan words with "chicken." hmmm..chicken? what the heck? haha

"chicken la ko ni..!! "
"chicken btol la bnda ni..tak tahan aku..!! "

They only use English or Dutch when speaking to the dutch workers ( 1/5 workers here are dutch] and other foreigners.

All the technicians are caring, sweet, and funny. They always give me stupid remarks or nicknames. I think I already have almost 20 stupid names while working here- "nyah" .. "minah".. "adik".. "madam" .."cik bunga" and other names that i already forget. To make it short, everyday, i will get at least one new name...haha

I learn a lot...I learn how to view things in an engineer's perspective. Seeing things from other people's side is different. It widens your horizon, open up you eyes, and most of all you learn the purpose of being born as an engineer. besides all the obstacles and hiccups, it makes me really want to become engineer more!! fighting..!!!

I'll stop here. Take care everyone..!! [hugs and kisses]

Saturday, October 24, 2009

:: slowly, but surely ::

manusia merancang dengan cita-cita,
Allah s.w.t merancang dengan cinta-Nya.

to be inspired, please visit:

p/s: thanks kak sue...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

:: stePpiNg tO a New WorLD ::

current mood: calm + relax
current song : super girl by super junior-M

assalamualaikum and hi...!!

life has been pretty hectic lately. today is my 5th day of internship. i have been assigned to R&D section, under the mechanical engineering department.

on my first day, i thought i'm gonna bored to death, my i was wrong. TOTALLY..!!!
there were tonnes of stuff waiting for me. I found them challenging, since i need to apply almost 50% of what i have learn in university..[byk x ingat..dh karat..huhu]
but i am really lucky because all the engineers are very helpful, friendly, poyo +sengal +happening despite having the heavy pressure of workloads. they are all like big bothers to me.
my work station

at first i was a bit uncomfortable because i am the only female in the department, but now i am used to it.

today, i went to the KWSP building to open a new EPF account. [rasa cm dh btol2 keje plak..hehe] the HR department wants me to have an EPF account because 8% from my allowance will be inserted to that account.
[and that time, i was like.. what the..?? KWSP..? serius ke ni kne ada KWSP..?]

one interesting thing about this company is- every morning before stepping inside the company's gate, the body temperature of every staffs are taken and recorded. if your temperature is normal, you may proceed inside and punch your id card. if the temperature is a bit higher than normal, eventhough you don't feel sick at all, you are not allowed to go inside, and are advised to take MC.
[kalo cmni la.. mari naikkan suhu bdn.. and balik tdo..haha]

the R&D department official and standard design scale and words are all done in Dutch.
pening nak faham.
kena rujuk kat handbook ni..huhu

this is just the beginning of the story of my internship life. I am gonna tell u guys more in the next entry. About what I feel, think, learn, find, figure out while spending my time in the company.

p/s : moga perkongsian ini memberi manfaat dan barakah buat kita semua..insha-allah~

p/s/s : gamba x clear sgt sbb amek dgn camera henfon

Saturday, October 03, 2009

:: beSt wiShes frOm mE to You ::

current mood : happy
current song : bunyi ujan... [best sgt..!!]

to all my friends, wishing you all the best for your exam, do your best..!!
not to forget, good luck for your internship, have fun and explore new things.
And for those who is going to start their FYP... be ready yaa..!! *wink

i made these cards for my friends (guys) as their lucky charm,
with siput babi clips on them..haha

Patutkah manusia menyangka bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan dengan hanya berkata:
“Kami beriman”, sedang mereka tidak diuji (dengan sesuatu dugaan)?Dan demi sesungguhnya! Kami telah menguji orang-orang yang terdahulu sebelum mereka, maka (dengan ujian yang demikian), nyata apa yang diketahui Allah tentang orang-orang yang benar-benarnya beriman, dan nyata pula apa yang diketahui-Nya akan orang-orang yang berdusta.
[al-Ankabut: 2-3]

these are for the girls... much sweeter, with lebah betina clips attached to them

p/s : ingatlah, walau apa sahaja ujian atau cabaran yang datang, Tuhan sedang mengukur tahap keimanan seorang hamba... fighting..!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

:: mY fanTabuLous raYa ::

current mood: happy
current song: nil

this year's raya was a fantabulous..!!! [best sgt..!!]

raya tahun ini agak luarbiasa dari raya-raya sebelumnya.
seperti biasa, kami pulang behari raya di kampung emak. kali ini kami tidak pulang ke kampung ayah memandangkan atok beraya di gombak [rumah pak ngah] tahun ini.

di sebalik keriangan raya kami, terselit sedikit rasa terkilan kerana ayah tidak pulang ke kampung beraya bersama kerana cutinya dibekukan. namun, ayah lebih rela jika kami berhari raya di kampung dari tinggal bersamanya di pagi raya. "kesian kamu tak dapat raya kalau duduk dengan ayah, baliklah kampung." katanya. kata-kata yang tegas, namun sarat dengan kasih sayang...huhu

ini merupakan kali pertama saya [ehem..gila formal..hehe] bergilir-gilir memandu bersama adik sejauh ini untuk pulang ke kampung. kami bertolak pulang sehari sebelum raya. bertemankan emak sebagai co-pilot, kami hanya mendengar arahannya untuk masuk di mana-mana simpang di dalam perjalanan...haha, gila tak tau jalan..nasib baik mak ada...!!
adik bongsu kami yang langsung tidak berperanan hanya tidur sepanjang perjalanan...cis..!!

dipendekkan cerita, seperti biasa, di pagi raya semua benda-benda wajib pasti dibuat- solat, makan, ziarah kubur, bersalaman.
raya kali ini agak luar biasa kerana keturunan wak pie (gelaran arwah atok shafie) dan wak rah (gelaran arwah nenek zaharah) semakin berseri dengan kehadiran cicit-cicit baru, anak-anak kepada sepupu-sepupuku yang sudah dan juga baru berumahtangga. kehadiran anak-anak kecil yang comel ini sangat menyejukkan mata, dan sangat-sangat mencuit hati. geramm...!! hehe [tetiba jeolous plak tengok anak orang..ngeee]

dari kiri : ketam bangkang masak cili, belangkas masak cili

selain wajik dan lontong, hidangan tradisi yang wajib dimakan kalau pulang ke kampung- ketam bangkang masak cili, asam pedas masak ikan belukang, belangkas masak cili.. sedapnya hingga menjilat jari.

"hasil kutipan" juga sangat lumayan tahun ini. semakin meningkat usia, semakin banyak la hasil. kaya kejap..hehe..selagi belum bekerja, selagi itulah kami masih layak mengutip hasil... hehe

menjaga si kemetot ini sementara menunggu ibu dan bapanya melaram

walaupun masih dalam mood raya..kami tepaksa berangkat pulang kerana cuti raya yang singkat. tapi tak mengapa, insha-allah jika dipanjangkan umur, tahun depan pasti berjumpa lagi..!!

p/s : ini kisah ringkas raya saya. anda bagaimana? saya pasti raya anda juga menggembirakan..!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

:: Eid is approaching..!! ::

current mood : raya mood..!!!!
current song : ku pohon restu ayah bonda by mamat [layan lagu raya ni] *wink

I feel like ramadan is flying by so fast. It's only few days away...Eid is coming.. and with it, the promise of a few more rays of sun each day. *smile

I still remember my first fasting experience, how hard+unusual it was for me. That time I was seven years old. I see the importance of fasting as one of the essential pillars as a muslim as I grew up, and have gotten closer to Allah [insha-allah] and not to forget, on how my Ramadans have been through out years.

"Bukanlah puasa itu (hanya) menahan diri dari makan dan minum. Sebaliknya ia juga harus tertahan dari perkara lagha dan lucah. Apabila kamu dimaki atau diperbodohkan, berkatalah AKU BERPUASA"
(riwayat Ibn Khuzaimah dan al-Hakim / Sahih al-Targhib 1068)

bulan ramadan berlalu pergi,
menyambut tibanya aidilfitri,
ampun dan maaf segala peri,
moga ikatan kekal di hati.
~salam aidilfitri~

I pray that all of you are all well and may Allah swt bless and guide us in this Ramadan and the coming Syawal, and for next coming Ramadans and Syawals as well. insha-allah *smile.

p/s : mari penuhi hari2 terakhir ramadhan..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

:: AnxiOuSLy waiTiNg fOr tOmoRroW ::

currently i am anxiously waiting for tomorrow.
tomorrow is the day.
tomorrow is really important for me.
it's between life and death.
Dear Allah, please help and guide me.
kuatkan dan tabahkanlah hatiku...

Saturday, September 05, 2009

:: busiest ever ::

current mood: tersiksa jiwa raga..fighting!!!
current song: nil

this is a quick update...currently I am half-dead busy+struggling to finish my FYP report, preparing slides for the presentation and studying for the final exam. It's okay, Tuhan sedang mengajarku erti sabar. *smile

on the bright side, i am enjoying and utilising my ramadhan to the fullest. *wider smile
thanks to Allah swt, fasting makes me stronger than yesterday, and tomorrow i will definitely become stronger than today, insha-allah.

Happy birthday dear ara_misz, anisa, siti sarah, and my ever dearest mak.[these are all the august babies]

take care everyone, and may Allah swt bless you guys always. Ramadhan cuma datang setahun sekali... jadi mari sama-sama gunakan peluang ini dengan sebaik-baiknya.

p/s rindu dalam hati..hanya Tuhan yang tahu...huhu gomen ne~

Friday, August 21, 2009

:: ramadhan is approaching..!! ::

current mood : excited..!! [ramadhan's approaching..!!]
current song: nil

Ramadhan is fast approaching and I take this opportunity to wish all Muslim the best in Ramadhan and as it is a month of ibadah & forgiving, I wish to extend my sincere apologies to anybody directly or indirectly that have been insulted by my words and/or any of the postings I fowarded. May ALLAH showers all of you with blessing...insha-allah..

Praise belongs to God who guided us to His praise and placed us among the people of praise, that we might be among the thankful for His beneficence and that He might recompense us for that with the recompense of the good-doers!

Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur-an, as a guide to mankind, also Clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.
Surah Al Baqarah:185

Let's hope this month of trial serves to strengthen our faith. Use up the opportunities to 'collect points' wisely! Are you ready?

p/s : selamat berpuasa dan beribadat..!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

:: to never look away, and never to forget ::

current mood : exhausted
current song : superman by lucky laki

Last week was a blast..!!! but it was fun. I went to a lot of places- the factories, the relatives' houses, the sisters' gathering, eating at different places and bumped into unexpected people as well...*smile

Not to miss, I also attended the convocation ceremony of one of my dear friend, Ms Kay. Despite the H1N1 disaster, there were still a lot of people there. Hey, who does not want to share their happy+proud moments together with their love ones??

Miss Kay.
Harapan dan kebanggaan ayah dan ibu.
Dan aku juga...!!

to never look away, and never to forget.
from left : kak ana and kak ara
thanks for taking care of me during my stay in cyberjaya.
thanks for the lovely and warm ukhuwwah.

gonna miss u guys. again.

ok..gtg.. this is a quick post. but still, i manage to slip in a few pics..haha
take care, people.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

:: On a bright, new daY ::

current mood : nil
current song : i am listening to the beat of my heart

This morning, accompanied by my sore throat, my running nose and my headache, I went to the panel clinic. That time I was sooo not in the mood, and I bet I will punch anyone at their face if they try to mess up with me.

While waiting for my name to be called to see the dear doctor, I sat next to a woman with his son on her lap. The mother is reading a magazine, and that little boy is very cute, around 4 years old I presume. At first, I could not catch what is the little boy is mumbling about. And when I try to listen carefully, it really surprise me!! that little boy is reciting "Asma ul Husna", but in a "pelat" way.

Ya Allah..!! I feel like my body was numb for a second, and I really feel ashamed of myself when comparing to that dear little boy. "berzikir bukan hanya selepas solat, tapi berzikirlah setiap kali ada masa terluang."Slowly I began to follow that boy's rhythm, I started to berzikir dalam hati, since I felt sooo weak to walk, or even to talk.

Terima kasih Tuhan, kerana memberi peringatan dalam keadaan yang tidak disangka-sangka...Alhamdulillah... *smile

Hembusan angin ke muka. Sang angin sedang berzikir.
Bunyi cicipan burung yang kedengaran. Sang burung juga sedang berzikir.
Bunyi deruan air sungai yang mengalir. Sang sungai juga tidak pernah lupa berzikir.
Bagaimana pula dengan kita?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

:: TuhAn SeDang MenGajArmu... ::

current mood: calm, serene
current song: fire by 2ne1

here i wanna share some piece of wisdom from

Wahai diri,
ingatlah, segala gerak dan laku makhluk adalah dengan izin Allah jua. Jika datang orang “menghadiahkan” air mata… Allah sedang mendidikmu tentang sifat sabar. Jangan dilihat manusia yang menjadi “sebab”, lihat dengan mata hati yang Allah jua yang menjadi “musabbabil asbab”.Keimanan kepada Tuhan akan menimbulkan rasa sabar menghadapi karenah insan.

Jika kau di sakiti oleh makhluk, DIA sedang mengajarmu erti reda. Kita bukan malaikat untuk terus pasrah tanpa terusik oleh calar dan cakar insan.

Terimalah hakikat kita bukan Tuhan yang mencatur rezeki dan nikmat untuk hamba-hamba-Nya. Jangan kau tanyakan mengapa dia yang dilebihkan, aku dikurangkan?

p/s : jangan bimbang jika tidak dihargai, tetapi bimbanglah jika benar-benar kita tidak berharga...di mata Tuhan..!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

:: Yeay..!!! ::

current mood: happy, relax
current song : i don't care by 2ne1 [addicted..!!]

Yeay..!!! Part 1
I went to watch Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince yesterday [saturday,18 july] with my friends. I personally think that this is the first Harry Potter movie that has a lot of funny+comedy scenes. Yes, I admit, I laughed my heart out every time when it comes to Ron Weasley's scenes. But sadly, the thrill is not there, maybe it is because there were very few action scenes. Again, this is the first Harry Potter movie that has the lease action scenes.

Overall, i rate 4/10 for this movie. It does not have a strong story line, and I am a bit disappointed since I expect something extra ordinary, with more 'magical actions/stuff ' that gives me the thrill and excitement like other Harry Potter movies. For example: spells, charms and magic thingy that can impress me.

It does not meet my expectation. As simple as that.

Other people might not agree with me, but well, this is just my personal opinion. So, for those who have watch it... what do you think?

SPOILER : the half-blood prince is revealed at the end of the story. and you will be surprised!! *wink

citer transformer sgt best. 8/10. rated!!!


YeaY..!! Part 2
Actually it is a late update...but oh well, there's no harm right? *wink

Last week [or a week before that..?? not sure..] a dear friend of mine, miss yat, invited us to experience the fruit season, in her uncle's orchard. But there was a change in plan, so we just come to visit her uncle's family in their house.

Along the way, there were a lot of rambutan trees, waving brightly in red... juicy... scrumptious... just perfect. *drooling

When we arrived, there were a lot of durians and rambutans at the house entrance, waiting to be savoured by us..hehe alhamdulillah...

Barangsiapa yang bertakwa kepada Allah nescaya akan dibukakan jalan keluar baginya (dari sebarang masalah) dan akan dikurniakan rezeki dari sumber-sumber yang tidak diduga.
(Surah At-Talaaq: 2 & 3)

The durians were small...BUT quite remarkably the sweetest and finest I have taste so far. Never a durian lover myself, so i just taste a few and back off...letting others to enjoy them. *smile
A million thanx to yat's aunty for her wisdom, and we will treasure it as our lucky charms to success in life.
sekadar renungan;

Ingatlah bahawa:
Apabila kamu melihat seseorang itu dikurniakan atasnya rezeki dan masih bermaksiat kepada Allah dan lalai dalam mensyukuri dan mentaatiNya, maka ketahuilah kamu bahawa ini sesungguhnya adalah satu pujukan atau umpan.

Tuhan, jauhkan kami dari tergolong di kalangan mereka. nauzubillah~

p/s : Dear yat, thanx for the lovely,fun memories..!!! Ajak la lagi ye..hehe and not to forget, thanx to our camerawoman, miss kay. *wink

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

:: tentang Cinta ::

current mood : exhausted [baru balik extra class ni..]
current song : lucky by ashly

Through out time, i learned a lot about love. I got to know what love is all about. I learn about LOVE by looking at my parents, friends, people around me..and most of all...i learn about Allah's love, the Creator. Alhamdulillah *smile

A piece of advice from my Ustaz and Ustazah... and my usrah's mates during college,
" kalau nak mencari calon suami atau isteri, lihatlah pada 'subuh'nya, dan kukunya..."

p/s: that is the fundamental thing that you have to look after. i had a loooong thought about it, and it does makes sense.

Another saying from older people that i know,
" kalau muka si perempuan dan si lelaki macam adik-beradik, maknanya ada jodoh. Jodoh mereka kuat..."

p/s : hmm..i wonder..


Yet another quote from a film that really knock me out, [ekceli dh pnah dgr, cuma x amek pot sblm kali ni mmg membuatkan hati rasa terkesan]

"Jodoh ada tiga jenis jodoh.

Jodoh dari Syaitan… berkenalan, berpegangan tangan, buat maksiat, mengandung lalu bernikah.
Jodoh dari Jin… berkenalan, bertepuk sebelah tangan, lalu dibomoh dan disihirkan sebelah pihak sampai tunduk mengikut kemahuan lalu bernikah.
Jodoh dari Allah… cinta berputik, masuk meminang dan langsung bernikah, itulah SYURGA CINTA...."

Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an ever better feeling. A soulmate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other,will be there for you for ever,no matter what.

so, what do you think??

Monday, June 29, 2009

:: looking to the sky ::

current mood : physically exhausted
current song : masih cinta by kotak..[ best sgt..!!...makan dalam tuuu...]

Have you ever looked at the sky on a bright, clear day? What did you see?
I have always love to look to the sky, but never thought to capture and share it with people. Inspired by miss jane, i have snapped a few pictures, and the pictures are not soo bad after all...hehe

This photo was taken while I was traveling. managed to capture it even though I was in the car .
I love how the colours of the sky during the sunset.

:: ku dongak ke langit, ku tunduk ke bumi, memuji Ilahi ::
This one was taken when I was walking at the beach with my family.
The clouds were just so amazing, and the sky is sooo blue.

There is a saying, whenever we feel sad or frustrated, just look to the sky. It really soothes our feeling just by looking at the sky, admit it. It seems like that vast and unbound sky penetrates through our heart and sweeps our sadness and negative feelings away.

"kalau hati kita tenang ketika melihat langit, bukan kerana langit itu yang memberi ketenangan, tetapi kerana langit itu ‘dekat’ dengan Allah yang menciptanya. Hati kita akan jadi tenang bila dekat dengan sesuatu yang dekat dengan Allah.

Benarlah firman Allah:
“Ketahuilah dengan mengingati Allah (zikrullah) hati akan menjadi tenang.”

::puffy clouds like a cotton candy::
Yes, we could spend all day on the couch watching tv, chatting with friends through YM...
but with skies like this to see, that would be a waste, don't you think?

p/s : kalo sesiapa ada gamba langit/awan yg cantik2[personal collection], sila la share ye..*smile

Sunday, June 21, 2009

:: SelamaT haRi Bapa ::

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it ... Dad

p/s : thank you for everything... Tuhan, lindungilah dia dan rahmatilah ayahku selalu~

Monday, June 15, 2009

:: bacaan yang terkesan di hati ::

current mood : happy + anxious
current song : ummi by ahmed bukhatir

I have always have the passion for english books, but during these few months, i tried to deviate that passion to malay books. Mind you, it's not the 'novel meleleh' type. I have the tendency to read about motivation, religion and global knowledge genres when it comes to malay books. Saya selalunya akan lebih terkesan apabila membaca bidang-bidang yang penting dalam bahasa ibunda. *smile

Last month, i have 'borongED' four books from my online shopping. I spent a lot without realising it.When it comes to books, i don't mind spending my money. I feel that it is worth to spend a lot for knowledge.
I have just finished reading this book- BENARKAH ISKANDAR BUKAN ZULQARNAIN. From this book, i got to know clearly who is this Zulqarnain that was mention in the holy Quran, and who is ALEXANDER THE GREAT a.k.a Iskandar Agung. From my reading, i can conclude that Zulqarnain is not Iskandar, vice versa.

To make things simple, Iskandar is the name of a king, but Zulqarnain is the 'gelaran' to a king stated in the Holy Quran. There are a few candidates/kings that were discussed in this book that suited the gelaran for example; Raja Xerxes, Raja Kurush, etc, but clearly it is not Raja Iskandar Agung from Macedonia.

Besides that, the author also disscussed about Jews, how the Jews were divided to 12 clans, about nabi-nabi(messengers) that we never knew and heard of, and not to miss, para rasul (prophets). There is also a discussion about a religion that worship the fire a.k.a majusi- how it is originated, who start it, when, what, and many more.

Currently I am reading this book- BERCINTA SAMPAI KE SYURGA. [sweet je tajuk dia..heh] it should be noted that this is a motivation, soul searching book. its not a lovey-dovey book, okay. It is the continuation of a best seller book entitled ' AKU TERIMA NIKAHNYA'. I'll review this book as soon as I finish reading it.

Buku kita, harta kita.
take care and happy reading! *smile

p/s : sorry because it took so long for me to update. gomenasai minna san..!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

:: easy to spell, but hard to read ::

it is easy to spell
but hard to read
difficult to understand

tabahlah wahai hati~

Monday, May 18, 2009

:: rAndOm PicTurEs ::

current mood : starting to feel nervous for tomorrow [tomorrow is my first paper]
current song : witch yu hee OST by Ashily

these are some random pictures taken while i am suppose to study for tomorrow's exam...[oh tidak..what am i doing?? ]

I love having fresh flowers on my table. Be it roses, sunflowers or carnations. i feel nice and warm. *smile

My messy table with energy notes. and i have been using that calculator for almost 7 years.

mooo....!!! that is where i rest my wrist.
that teddy bear container is where i put my paper clips and hair clips.

half of my wall is full with "stick-on-it" notes,reminders and other sorts of things.

dear friends,
tomorrow we march to the battle field,
let's do our best, and hope for the best..!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

:: next week : ExAm..!!! ::

current mood: mentally exhausted
current song : nil

kurniakan padaku
fahaman para nabi
hafazan para rasul
ilham para malaikat

p/s : exam start next week- 19 may... doakan aku..!! ^^

Sunday, May 10, 2009

:: My MoTher iS amAziNg ::

current mood : rindu kat mak
current song : Ummi by ahmed bukhatir

I am very thankful and words cannot express how grateful i am for still having my mother, here with me, my sisters, and my father. When i see other people who is not as fortunate as i am [for having a mother], i can see how much they miss their mother, or how much they want to have a mother on their own, it makes me feel sad and...the feeling is just indescribable...huhu

Ya Tuhan,
Please protect her while I am far away. Please protect her from anything bad, seen or unseen. Please lead her to only good things and please secure her place in heaven along with the people that You love.

[inspired by]
I just wanna say that, one of the reasons why I love my mother is, while all those people around admire/love me because of the extra ordinary things they see in me [ada ke?? haha] but she loves me all because of the ordinary things she found in me. When other people look down to me, while others giving their back, she will always be there for me.

No one could ever love me the way she does… because she is my mother. *smile
Happy Mother's Day...!!

mother by sami yusuf

ummi by ahmed bukhatir

Saturday, May 09, 2009

:: What kinD oF bLogGer aRe yOu ? ::

current mood : serene
current song : Gee by SNSD

while taking a few minutes break from studying [ otak dh tepu], i visited this website just for fun- this is the result from the quiz that i did.

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.

You're up on the latest news, and you have an interesting spin on things.

Of all the blogging types, you put the most thought and effort into your blog.

Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

there are a lot of fun quizzes there... kalo dah sangap, bleh la try..!! *wink
okay..back to study..!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

:: TiMe tO siT, rElaX and reChaRge MyseLf!! ::

current mood : happy +calm
current song: hello by beyonce

"...Oh Tuhan, hindarkan daku dari keluhan yang tiada hujung, dan datangkan syukur yang tak pernah putus..."
[inspired by sang pelangi]

Now i can sit, relax and pamper myself. The last 3 weeks was the busiest week for me. Extremely hectic. Busiest ever. As a final year student, there is no doubt that my life will be busier than before, with more challenges waiting for me in the future. But i don’t mind, because life is full of adventures and new things to be explored.

I feel sorry to my mom, whom i always call every day, but due to tonnes of work, i only managed to text messaging her, or we just having a short conversation. My humble apology to anyone who i have hurt unknowingly +unintentionally[kalo ada]. To anyone who have hurt me during the whole 3 hectic weeks, i forgive you, because i believe that you did not mean it, you are just the victim of situation and as normal human, sometimes we fail to fight back the obstacles strongly+rationally. [kita sama2 x sempurna] *wink

dunia dan akhirat itu umpama rumput dan padi

But after all, i am very grateful because all the hard work is worth it. Even though its difficult, everything went smoothly-The assignments, the final year project, the presentations. [kalo kita buat sesuatu dgn ikhlas and tabah, kejayaan dan kemenangan akan mengiringi, itu janji Tuhan. Janji Tuhan itu pasti].

After everything ended, we went for celebration, dinner, shopping, movie and anime marathon, barbeque at the beach. [best sesangat..!!] I got the chance to do one thing that i miss the most, to read again...there are a lot of book to be read [i got a lot of books during my bday..yeay!!]

Now, i shall start to focus on my exam which will be around within 2 weeks time. I have promise myself that i will work harder. I will study and get ready. And perhaps, my chance will come..insha-allah..!! *smile

p/s : terima kasih setulus hati buat insan-insan yg x pernah putus menyokong, membantu dan mendoakan di saat getirku... May Allah swt bless u guys always.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

:: Tag Untuk HaRi iNi ::

current mood : sgt2 hepi [many good things happen today..alhamdulillah] *wink
current song : hakikat bahagia by UNIC

This "10 things about" was tagged by encik khairuldin matra. so here it is..

#1 Describe 10 things about the person who tag you:
1. my ex-schoolmate.MRSM PC
2. a decent guy.
3. his class is exactly opposite to my class when i was in form 4.
4. people used to call him 'din slow'.. and i dunno why
5. as far as i remember.. he loves choc cake a lot.
6. has 7 siblings.
7. anak cikgu rahim
8. his zodiac sign is virgo
9. he loves playing football. since skolah..sampai la skrg. its in his blood.
10. warganegara Malaysia,heh

#2 Describe 10 things about you:
1. my friends called me ima, mak(bersifat keibuan..??), dinasour(sbb kuat mkn), imah, olive, er che(it means kak ngah in chinese), tai ka che (pggilan taiko utk pompuan )

2. i love to read. i read different genres. [tapi bkn nerd]
3. suka berpakaian simple. [sampai kne tegur dgn mak,"cuba la ko melawa sket"..hahaha]
4. i enjoy eating.
5. seorang yg ganas lg brutal, walopon nama sendiri bermaksud 'lemah lembut' *sigh
6. i hate durian and anything related to it.
7. i love baking. a lot.
8. korean-japanese drama+movie lover. addicted.
9. i hate purple more than i hate green colour.
10. i love to say things directly. it's not sarcasm. i mean i'm a straight forward kind of person. i feels that it is more sincere that way. but i still jaga hati people...hehe

p/s : gomenasai... sbb amek masa berkurun2 nk buat tag ni... heh

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: if God can forgive, why we can't ?? ::

current mood : relieve ( feeling better than yesterday...yesterday i was damn stress with tonnes of work)
current song : cinta dan harapan by firdaus

something to ponder :

ALLAH swt always forgives faults… shouldn’t we,human..?
Revenge is the worst response of a hurt and done by the worst type of people.
As happiness comes mostly from closest friends, hardest pain or hurt is caused by them as well…!
Never give in to rudeness when u can fight back with kindness.

this interesting statement was written in one of my course mate's blog:
Guys never forget favors, never forgive betrayal, although they betray the most…!
Girls never appreciate favors, never consider betrayal, although it hurts the most…!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

:: so small, yet so sweet ::

current mood : happy + relieve
current song : honey by KARA

it's usual to have a best friend, or best friends. but in our case, it's different. because she is my cousin, i cannot simply called her my best friend, instead i called her my best cousin. *wink

on feb 22nd 2009, she got a baby girl. after i heard the news, i cannot wait to visit her and her baby. deep in my heart, i am deeply regret and guilty because at last minute during her wedding last year, i cannot be her maid of honour a.k.a pengapit...because on that day, i have my final exam..and i know i have dissappoint her. huhu

she is really understanding. we have been best cousin since we are small. we eat, sleep, bath, gossip, and we did almost everything together. her secret, is my secret too.
best sgt2...!!

this photo was taken during my visit to see her baby girl. both of them look very healthy, but they seem tired. [pnat melayan tetamu kot]

utk org jawa, we called it 'menilik bayi"... this custom is for the first visit to see a newborn baby. people usually bring along gift or money for the newborn.

so small, yet so sweet..!!
nur eliya maisarah binti mohd firdaus issyam.

[pnjg gila nama]

moga lahirmu menjadi penyejuk mata, penawar hati ibu dan ayah.

tahniah to intan/my dear cousin and issyam...!!! *smile

these children are my aunty's neighbours. they will come inside the house every time they see my aunt opens her front door. they just come inside and play, making themselves at home. [suka-suka je msk rmh org..selamba gila...sebbaik la korg chomel...hehe]

una a.k.a husna
[anak jiran belah kiri]

anim a.k.a khalilah hanim
[anak jiran belah kanan]

p/s : senyuman si kecil yang cantik, yang mengirimkan cinta, dan mengutus kasih sayang bagi orang lain tanpa kepura-puraan. betol kan?

Friday, April 10, 2009

:: special entry for a special day ::

current mood : happy, but kind of missing a few important ppl
current song : hakikat bahagia by UNIC

:: bravely we smile ::
from left : kak ana, me, kak ara, kay
i miss you guys so much. today i miss u guys more than ever. i feel like part of myself is missing.

this picture is one of my favourite pictures. seeing this picture brings back the old sweet memories. i still remember it clearly. we really had a hard time when the picture was taken. but still, we managed to overcome all the hardships together bravely. thank you so much. i am lucky and grateful to know you guys.

"rindu itu adalah anugerah dari Allah. insan yang berhati nurani, punyai rasa rindu."

Thursday, April 09, 2009

:: suCi sEkePinG haTi ::

current mood : so-so [mentally exhausted]
current song : nil

while busy doing my fyp just now, something keeps telling me to open kak sue's blog. and i did. alhamdulillah, i am glad i did.

kak sue is one of my cyber friend. i get to know her after clicking her blog link from a friend's blog one day. then, i dropped to say hi in her chat box. since then, we become friends. kak sue, glad that i found your blog. i enjoy reading her blog. *smile

her new post is really something. short, simple, but contains super deep meaning. here it goes;

p/s : for further reading, pls visit

Sunday, March 29, 2009

:: Being PatienCe iS beaUtifUL ::

bersabarlah, Tuhan sedang mengujimu...!!
[feeling motivated after reading a blog of a friend of mine]

It’s a lie to to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything. It’s very hard to smile sometimes through life, through things that happen that you don’t know, you don’t understand, you don’t know whether you will get through it..

You go through your storms in life, you don’t know how long the storms is going to be.

However, being patience is beautiful, but it is the hardest thing.

It is scary to know just how many people are angry with their lives just of their situation at home and angry at others.. It is scary to know how many people actually feel they worth nothing.
But every girls are gorgeous just the way they are. And for the boys.. you’re the MAN!

p/s : remember, happiness keeps you sweet, trials makes you strong, sorrows keeps you human, failure keeps you humble, success keeps you glowing, and Allah swt keeps you going..!!!