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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

:: Tag Untuk HaRi iNi ::

current mood : sgt2 hepi [many good things happen today..alhamdulillah] *wink
current song : hakikat bahagia by UNIC

This "10 things about" was tagged by encik khairuldin matra. so here it is..

#1 Describe 10 things about the person who tag you:
1. my ex-schoolmate.MRSM PC
2. a decent guy.
3. his class is exactly opposite to my class when i was in form 4.
4. people used to call him 'din slow'.. and i dunno why
5. as far as i remember.. he loves choc cake a lot.
6. has 7 siblings.
7. anak cikgu rahim
8. his zodiac sign is virgo
9. he loves playing football. since skolah..sampai la skrg. its in his blood.
10. warganegara Malaysia,heh

#2 Describe 10 things about you:
1. my friends called me ima, mak(bersifat keibuan..??), dinasour(sbb kuat mkn), imah, olive, er che(it means kak ngah in chinese), tai ka che (pggilan taiko utk pompuan )

2. i love to read. i read different genres. [tapi bkn nerd]
3. suka berpakaian simple. [sampai kne tegur dgn mak,"cuba la ko melawa sket"..hahaha]
4. i enjoy eating.
5. seorang yg ganas lg brutal, walopon nama sendiri bermaksud 'lemah lembut' *sigh
6. i hate durian and anything related to it.
7. i love baking. a lot.
8. korean-japanese drama+movie lover. addicted.
9. i hate purple more than i hate green colour.
10. i love to say things directly. it's not sarcasm. i mean i'm a straight forward kind of person. i feels that it is more sincere that way. but i still jaga hati people...hehe

p/s : gomenasai... sbb amek masa berkurun2 nk buat tag ni... heh

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: if God can forgive, why we can't ?? ::

current mood : relieve ( feeling better than yesterday...yesterday i was damn stress with tonnes of work)
current song : cinta dan harapan by firdaus

something to ponder :

ALLAH swt always forgives faults… shouldn’t we,human..?
Revenge is the worst response of a hurt and done by the worst type of people.
As happiness comes mostly from closest friends, hardest pain or hurt is caused by them as well…!
Never give in to rudeness when u can fight back with kindness.

this interesting statement was written in one of my course mate's blog:
Guys never forget favors, never forgive betrayal, although they betray the most…!
Girls never appreciate favors, never consider betrayal, although it hurts the most…!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

:: so small, yet so sweet ::

current mood : happy + relieve
current song : honey by KARA

it's usual to have a best friend, or best friends. but in our case, it's different. because she is my cousin, i cannot simply called her my best friend, instead i called her my best cousin. *wink

on feb 22nd 2009, she got a baby girl. after i heard the news, i cannot wait to visit her and her baby. deep in my heart, i am deeply regret and guilty because at last minute during her wedding last year, i cannot be her maid of honour a.k.a pengapit...because on that day, i have my final exam..and i know i have dissappoint her. huhu

she is really understanding. we have been best cousin since we are small. we eat, sleep, bath, gossip, and we did almost everything together. her secret, is my secret too.
best sgt2...!!

this photo was taken during my visit to see her baby girl. both of them look very healthy, but they seem tired. [pnat melayan tetamu kot]

utk org jawa, we called it 'menilik bayi"... this custom is for the first visit to see a newborn baby. people usually bring along gift or money for the newborn.

so small, yet so sweet..!!
nur eliya maisarah binti mohd firdaus issyam.

[pnjg gila nama]

moga lahirmu menjadi penyejuk mata, penawar hati ibu dan ayah.

tahniah to intan/my dear cousin and issyam...!!! *smile

these children are my aunty's neighbours. they will come inside the house every time they see my aunt opens her front door. they just come inside and play, making themselves at home. [suka-suka je msk rmh org..selamba gila...sebbaik la korg chomel...hehe]

una a.k.a husna
[anak jiran belah kiri]

anim a.k.a khalilah hanim
[anak jiran belah kanan]

p/s : senyuman si kecil yang cantik, yang mengirimkan cinta, dan mengutus kasih sayang bagi orang lain tanpa kepura-puraan. betol kan?

Friday, April 10, 2009

:: special entry for a special day ::

current mood : happy, but kind of missing a few important ppl
current song : hakikat bahagia by UNIC

:: bravely we smile ::
from left : kak ana, me, kak ara, kay
i miss you guys so much. today i miss u guys more than ever. i feel like part of myself is missing.

this picture is one of my favourite pictures. seeing this picture brings back the old sweet memories. i still remember it clearly. we really had a hard time when the picture was taken. but still, we managed to overcome all the hardships together bravely. thank you so much. i am lucky and grateful to know you guys.

"rindu itu adalah anugerah dari Allah. insan yang berhati nurani, punyai rasa rindu."

Thursday, April 09, 2009

:: suCi sEkePinG haTi ::

current mood : so-so [mentally exhausted]
current song : nil

while busy doing my fyp just now, something keeps telling me to open kak sue's blog. and i did. alhamdulillah, i am glad i did.

kak sue is one of my cyber friend. i get to know her after clicking her blog link from a friend's blog one day. then, i dropped to say hi in her chat box. since then, we become friends. kak sue, glad that i found your blog. i enjoy reading her blog. *smile

her new post is really something. short, simple, but contains super deep meaning. here it goes;

p/s : for further reading, pls visit