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Sunday, March 29, 2009

:: Being PatienCe iS beaUtifUL ::

bersabarlah, Tuhan sedang mengujimu...!!
[feeling motivated after reading a blog of a friend of mine]

It’s a lie to to think you’re not good enough. It’s a lie to think you’re not worth anything. It’s very hard to smile sometimes through life, through things that happen that you don’t know, you don’t understand, you don’t know whether you will get through it..

You go through your storms in life, you don’t know how long the storms is going to be.

However, being patience is beautiful, but it is the hardest thing.

It is scary to know just how many people are angry with their lives just of their situation at home and angry at others.. It is scary to know how many people actually feel they worth nothing.
But every girls are gorgeous just the way they are. And for the boys.. you’re the MAN!

p/s : remember, happiness keeps you sweet, trials makes you strong, sorrows keeps you human, failure keeps you humble, success keeps you glowing, and Allah swt keeps you going..!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

:: SeeiNg thingS cleaRly ::

current mood : gloomy (maybe )
current song : bisikan nurani by Inteam

Yesterday, after having a looOog chat with kak ana and anisa, it made me think and help me to see things clearly. We chat about many stuff, and it really feels good to have people to talk to, when everything seems so blur, crouded and confusing. thanks kak ana and nisa !! hehe

" Beruntunglah muslim yang dijadikan akalnya sebagai pemimpin dan nafsunya sebagai tawanan. Rugilah muslim yang dijadikan nafsu sebagai pemimpin dan akalnya sebagai tawanan."

Orang akan melupakan apa yang kamu katakan.
Orang akan melupakan apa yang kamu lakukan.
Tetapi, orang TIDAK akan pernah lupa bagaimana kamu membuat mereka bererti.


TAG FROM AMAD [ it takes a century for me to do this tag.. gomen ne.. amad-san..huhu]

1. blur

2. Aku tengah dengar?
bisikan nurani by inteam

3. Mungkin aku kena?
kena tdo awal.. sbb br lps mkn ubat ni.

4.Aku suka belajar?
energy and industrial management. [cuba utk cinta]

5.Kawan baek aku?
nor anisa binti arifin

6.Aku tak faham?
Kenapa sesetengah orang suka pentingkan diri sendiri, tp masih bersikap selamba...??

7.Aku dah hilang?
Hilang "spark" dalam hati. *sigh where can i find it again?

8.Maksud namaku?
Yg lemah lembut dan yang membahagiakan *smile

9.Cinta adalah?
memberi dan menerima bagi yg haq

10.Aku tak suka?

11.Aku akan cuba
kurangkan tabiat kuat makan..haha

12.Maksud "forever"?
selama-lamanya..kekal abadi..bukak la kamus

13.Geng aku?
mereka yg memahami

14.Aku paling benci?
orang yang pentingkan diri sendiri

15.Umur yg paling bestt?
Setiap umur adalah anugerah

16.Bila aku tengok chermin?
i see my mother+father in my reflection

17.Shopping mall?
incredible place for shopping until you drop+broke.

18.Ayat terakhir utk seseorang
never leave someone who loves you for someone that u like. [ a piece of my mind to anyone who read this entry]

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

:: Swifter, Higher, Stronger ::

current mood : stress due to tonnes of work
current song: ave maria [stairway to heaven OST]

actually, now i am busy doing my assignments, and i feel a bit stress, so i decided to divert my attention for a while to something that require less thinking, which is blogging. now, here i am, typing my new first post for march 2009. *smile [ after this i am going back to work..!!]

Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for "Swifter, Higher, Stronger".

last saturday was a blast..!!! there was a netball tournament, 3 0n 3. after a long time, i feel alive again, because i miss playing netball soooo much. we were the 2nd runner up from 8 registered team. [not bad laa..]

it was a satisfying experience blended with fun, sweet, and all kind of life flavours. for me, the sense of being first is not necessarily a priority, but giving our best and striving for excellence is a worthwhile goal.

tired smile, but still sweet.
my team, L5 : Lee, yat, fatin and me. [ u guys rawks..!!!]

winning is half of it, and having fun is the other half.

terima kasih kepada pasukan sorak jemputan yang tak jemu-jemu menyokong dan menyorak untuk team L5. terima kasih juga kepada jurugambar yang sudi merakamkan detik-detik yang bermakna.

back to work..!!! huhu