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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

:: You Are NoT ALonE ::

current mood : serene
current song : Erti Bahagia by UNIC

Having one person with you is good enough to keep you moving.[At least, that's what i think.]

Be it a good friend, a sister, a cousin, or a partner. Previous experiences taught me that. Though I don't deny that some people can actually live by themselves and be happy about it. But for me, loneliness kinda kills you slowly. Paling kurang, it puts you into depression. I've seen that happen to a lot of the people around me...especially my friends. a lot of them.

lots of friends who always feel lonely and feel like they were left behind or ignored by others gives me the inspiration to post this article.]
i hope this short post helps.

Do you ever feel empty on the inside
as if life has left
you behind ?
Those who are honest with themselves will admit that at some point in their life they felt an emptiness that nothing could seem to fill.

When You say: "I feel all alone"
Allah says: I will never leave you or forsake you

When You say: "Nobody really loves me"
Allah says: I love you

But what we have to do when suddenly this feeling comes to us??
Remember, ALLAH s.w.t won't ever let you down. You just have to look a little bit differently at things. And you will find Him right inside your heart. Then you will see your heart is much more stronger than ever.

Being optimistic, patient and motivated is the best way to keep your heart strong enough.These are the experiences of life. And we have to learn from them, because we are tested in every way. Don't forget to ask for strength every time after prayer.

let us think again, and reflect it to ourselves.
why do i feel so empty inside? why do i feel so lonely?

mungkinkah kita kekurangan sesuatu?
maybe you'll find the answer, and start to work for it... insya-allah *smile

may ALLAH help us all. be strong... fighting!!

p/s : hopefully this post will benefit you... and me too!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

:: PreciOus MomEntS tO be SaVourEd ::

current mood : energetic
current song : Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again

:: my birthday cakes ::

April 10 will always be a very special day for me !!
This is a pleasant and happy day for me. It's my birthday!! *wide smile [alhamdulillah.. masih panjang umur]

So, I turned 23 that day. I don't think that's old. I probably won't start feeling "old" until I hit 90-ish. *wink

Everyone would have their own happy moments. Mine are my life journey for the past 23 years. It is all the blends of laughter, cries, achievements and failure.

But most importantly, my FAMILY and FRIENDS around me are the ingredients of the blends that shape my happy moments. Obviously, without God willing, there will be no "happy moments" in my life journey. alhamdulillah~

I wish for :
blue skies and clear days
exciting things to do
easy solutions to any problems
knowledge to make the right decisions
strength in my values
laughter and fun
goals to pursue
happiness in every thing i do
valuable experience as i follow my dreams

buat aku tersenyum~

“Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be,
cause you have only one life and one chance to do all the things that you want in life
but make sure you have GOD in your life!”

ALLAH The One and Only GOD knows the best! "

p/s : thanx a lot kenkawan for the surprise... *smile

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

:: My new TemplaTe ::

dear all,

this is my blog new looks.
i know there are still more to be done. [ this is my first time editing the template codes ]
pls tell me what do you think about this new looks or leave any suggestion for improvement.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

:: BacaLaH...!! ::

current mood : happy [it's raining...!!! ]
current song : bismillah by hijjaz

dear brothers and sisters,
i plan to buy these books. see below. [nk sgt2..!!]

these books are highly recommended to all. i believe it's good to feed our spirit and mind because it makes us think, reflect, and act. ~inshaallah.

loaded with knowledge and messages, the authors are well known for their inspirational and motivational religion writings in relaxing mode.
mr faisal tehrani- all his books are very good.
ustaz hasrizal abdul jamil - this is his first book.

i can say that i know ustaz very well, because he used to come to my previous college frequently for seminars and motivational camp. i give 2 thumbs up for their blogs. their blogs really open your eyes!! [sgt menginsafkan..]

These books are released today.
happy reading!!

p/s : bacalah dengan nama Tuhan Yang Menciptakan...!! zikir dan fikir.

Friday, April 04, 2008

:: enJoy beFore iT meLts...!! ::

current mood : gloomy + moody [trying to lift up my mood]
current song : with you by chris brown [sweet lagu nih *smile]

Whenever people ask me why I like ice cream so much, I always respond that when I am eating ice cream I feel like a child again. The best thing about eating ice cream is that it reminds me of those many happy days of my childhood.
Eating ice cream really does make you happy. Scientists have found that a spoonful of that cold stuff lights up the same pleasure centre in the brain as winning money or listening to your favourite music.

Ice Cream Flavorology
What does your favourite ice cream flavour say about you?
Read below to find out!

:: reveals a thoughtful, logical person who carefully weighs each option before making decisions :: More a follower than a leader :: effective worker behind the scenes and out of the limelight :: often shy and reserved in relationships :: once commit to a relationship, you are loyal and supportive ::

Chocolate Chip
:: you are competitive and accomplished :: competent and ambitious in love :: generous with your time and money :: never taking your blessings for granted ::Your captivating personality makes you a shining star in social situations ::

:: you are lively, dramatic and flirtatious – thriving on the passion of the moment :: tend to be over-committed, starting new projects without finishing old ones :: tend to become bored by dull relationships and thrive on new and exciting ventures ::

:: you are actually a colorful, dramatic risk taker who relies more on intuition than logic :: Emotionally expressive and idealistic :: rely on secure romantic relationships that fulfill your emotional needs while working toward future objectives ::

no matter what flavour you love the most, eating ice cream is one of life's pleasures – it's fun to eat and has positive memories of childhood, friendship, holidays, sunshine and good times.. !!

p/s : which flavour are you?? [ time cuaca panas sedap mkn eskrem, pastu selsema..huhu ]