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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:: smiling in the rain ::

current mood : happy..!!!! [ family saya datang ke sini hari ini]
current song : Pastikan by siti nurhaliza

It is raining outside right now. i usually get extra happy when it rains, because i like the rhythm of the rain, and not to miss, the sweet smell of it. *smiling widely

p/s : hujan mengingatkan daku kepada kenangan yang manis. anda pula bagaimana??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:: CanTuMan KaSih ::

current mood:
current song : Lucky by Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat

I found that sometime ago that as a family, we were very busy with our lives- my sisters and i are seldom at home because we are staying away for studies, and left our parents at home. The good thing about all this is when all of us are gather together, we will make our moment together as special as possible.

In all of this where was the part where we bonded as a family and made each feel special? Have fantastic family times full of fun, laughter and learn to talk and be close together. One of them is coming together to complete a jigsaw puzzles. It will bring your family closer.

During my semester break, I bought a 1000 pieces of jigsaw puzzles and decided to solve them to kill some time. Because i was a bit slow, my younger sister and my mother offered to help.

My younger sister was the main contributor in putting together this puzzle (she is much better at it than I), I did most of the sorting of pieces, and helped somewhat in the assembly, and my mother as well.

the most difficult part: the clouds

I would say the most difficult part of the puzzle was the cloud part. The pieces were all the exact same colour, and often times, pieces would fit in a place fine, but then at the end there would be pieces that didn't fit in the leftover holes, so you had to keep trying different rearrangements until all of the pieces fit.

After 4 days :the completed assembly.
75X 50 cm.
[smile proudly]

After getting through a large part of the first portion of the puzzle, we realized we needed to start thinking about how to store the parts of the puzzle as we completed them.

Eventually, my mother came across an idea that worked quite nicely-to frame the jigsaw puzzle and hang it at the wall in my room. Then, i went to the shop, bought a frame that cost me rm18. Until now, it is hang nicely in my room. [smile]


About the puzzle
Name: Historical World Maps
Number of Pieces: 18,240
Size when put together: About 276 x 192 cm (6.3 x 9 feet)
Made in Germany, 2002
Participants: Chris and Naomi Hathaway
Start/End Date: April 25, 2004 to April 17, 2005

Why Are Jigsaws So Popular?

Jigsaw Puzzles give a relaxed, focused, happy feeling where work seems so far away. You decide on the motivation you put into any pursuit. A jigsaw allows you to get the best from that motivation.

In considering how jigsaw puzzles are made, the number of pieces will determine the challenge. Most manufacturers will have kids jigsaw puzzles of 2 to 100 pieces. the number of pieces is generally 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 1000 and 1000+, up to 24,000.

p/s :currently i'm working on my life jigsaw puzzle. i believe i will manage to solve it somehow. *wink

Monday, November 17, 2008

:: KitcHen iN tHe Hell ::

current mood : relax
current song : So hot by Wondergirls

In this whole week, i was busy watching the Hell's kitchen Season 3 series in youtube website.
I was fascinated by the 1st and 2nd season shown by NTV7 every sunday, 1045 pm, so i decided to continue watching the 3rd and 4th season(latest season) online.

the king of hell's kitchen : Chef Gordon Ramsey

The challenges grew harder and harder in every episodes for every seasons, that's why i found it is an interesting tv show. Every episode is unpredictable, and i anticipated each episodes with excitement and nervousness, as if i am the participant...haha

it's very interesting to see on how fast and professional the chefs can cook to full fill the customers' orders, how delicious the food they produced, and you also got to see their teamwork in the kitchen. plus, we can gain some knowledge about some cooking terms that are used by them.

Hell's Kitchen is an American reality-television cooking competition, based on a series of the same name, broadcast in the UK. The format of the program is similar to the UK version, with a red team and a blue team competing in various cooking challenges for most of the season; once the number of remaining players are small enough, they become a single black team and compete individually. [ source : wikipedia ]

he who survive, will win!!
from left :
Season 1 :Michael Wray; was formerly the head chef at Tatou in Los Angeles, CA
Season 2 :Heather West; was named senior chef of Terra Rossa at the Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino.
Season 3 :Rahman "Rock" Harper; was named head chef of Green Valley Ranch's Terra Verde

p/s : try to watch those episodes, and u guys will know and feel the excitement... [smile]

Monday, November 10, 2008

:: MaTa oH maTa ::

current mood: nil
current song : nobody by Wondergirls

I went to the panel clinic today after the class. Currently i am suffering this unbearable eyes irritation for the past 3 days, and its getting worst. My eyes become red, watery and itchy all the time and it is very painful every time when i try to close my eyes. My vision is affected as well, and it seems so blur every where. [huhu... pedih n sakit mcm bila syampu msk mata... cuma yg nih 2X ganda sakitnye..]

This is not my first time experiencing this condition, actually. I already had it before, seldomly.

The doctor said that i am suffering an allergy. It might due to the food that i consumed. "Allergy to food can affect your nose or skin or eyes, depends on the type of food and your genetic..." so that's what she said. She also advised me to eat carefully and to avoid any dusty area because it will just make the irritation becomes worst.

I got an eyedrop which is need to be applied for every 2 hours, and some pills as well. Hopefully my eyes condition will be better. ~aamin

lesson : jangan kuat melantak sampai tak ingat dunia..hehe

p/s : mesti tabah menghadapi dugaan untuk semester ini. *smile

Sunday, November 09, 2008

:: mirror MirRor On ThE Wall ::

current mood : calm + serene [physically exhausted]
current song : Doa yang terlupakan by Ungu

i looked into the mirror and see this average person, which is me. i observed my reflection.
i am five foot four, neither dark nor fair.
a medium kind of person; not too fat, and not too skinny; i exercise twice a week. walk a little, jog a little, and sports a little.

I am neither out-going nor shy, but a little of both, depends on the situations and my mood as well. I never overdo anything, and enjoy most things i do.

i have the average looks; not stunning, and not ugly.
i am never overwhelmed, or under it either; just nicely whelmed. I am OK.
Nothing spectacular but sometimes special.

:: Never forget ::
Always recite this prayer every time we look into the mirror:
"O Allah, just as You have made my external features beautiful,
make my character beautiful as well". (An-Nisa)
" Ya Allah, sempurnakanlah akhlakku sepertimana Kau sempurnakan wajahku"

:: Something to think about ::
Hijab begins in the heart and encompasses our every action as Muslim women:
it isn't just the scarf on our head and how we accessorised it,
but along with it, it should be balanced with our good characters.

p/s : gd luck for the new sem..!!