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Saturday, July 31, 2010

:: versus ::

currently i am on leave for 4 days...!!!
away from work, somehow i feel peaceful, and my mind+ body seems to relax a bit, alhamdulillah *smile

after recommended by a friend, i tried to read this book, and i successfully finished it yesterday. it's been centuries since i read a malay novel, and i am glad that this book is very good and does not contain cliches. it's not fully in malay actually, it's 50% in malay and 50% in english. very good english. *thumbs up

genre: religion, motivational, love, family

author: hlovate

my favourite quote (taken from this book) : " bukan mudah untuk berubah, tanpa arah ke sejadah, dari tepi jalanan ke sujud menghadap tuhan.." it means that: walaupun kita cuba berubah untuk jadi lebih baik dari dulu, sekiranya ianya tidak berlandaskan jalan menuju Tuhan, it's meaningless. reason: bila kita ikut jalan menuju Tuhan, secara automatik kita akan jadi baik. ye tak? *insha-allah

"You will never reach perfection because there is always room for improvement. Yet, along the way to perfection you will learn to get better..."

nother interesting quote, " if you forget of what you were, you would never be grateful of what you are..."

the content is refreshing, with simple words and brilliant life messenges. try read it, and you will know what i mean!
take care!