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Sunday, November 22, 2009

:: my to-buy list ::

current mood+ behavior : eccentric
current song : 3 by britney spears

Bacalah dengan menyebut nama Tuhanmu Yang Menciptakan. Dia telah menciptakan manusia dari ‘alaq. Bacalah, dan Tuhanmulah Yang Maha Pemurah. Yang mengajar dengan pena, mengajar manusia apa yang tidak diketahuinya."
(Al-‘Alaq: 1-5)

These are the books in my to-buy list :
1. Have a little faith: a true story by Mitch Albom [motivation]
2. Yakjuj & Makjuj : bencana di sebalik gunung by Muhammad Alexander [ religion]
3. The book of tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern [ fiction]
4. The gift by Cecelia Ahern [ fiction]
5. Untukmu wanita by Ustaz Zaharudin Abdul Rahman [ religion]
6. Heaven can wait by Cally Tailor. [fiction/love]

I am very surprise when I come across this book- " A history of God : The 4,000 quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam" in a bookstore today. This book was once banned from entering Malaysia market a few years ago, because the government thinks that the content is too sensitive because it is a comparative religion discussion about God existence. I am waiting and looking forward to buy it because it is highly recommended by many Muslims scholars including Malaysian Muslims scholars too. But now, it is every where in Malaysia. [ i wonder why?? ] I am adding this book in my list. *smile

For those who have read any of the book mentioned above, please let me know how it was. Best tak?? Besides that, if you guys have read any interesting book, no matter what genre it is, please recommend it to me..!! Onegai shimasu..!! *wink
Mari membaca, and take care people.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

:: 2012: we were warned ::

current mood : indescribable
current song : lollipop by 2ne1

The world will end on 21 December 2012.

The movie is just what I expected. You need to sit back and enjoy how realistic everything looked. There's a lot of drama, suspense and action. Scary in general, but it has an inspiring message in every scene. The movie heavily relies on the CG visuals. Nevertheless, the CG effects seem very real...!!!

A must watch film..!!!

After watching this movie, these are the messages [that i got] :
1. how people can completely change in order to survive.
2. do not wait until the last moment to appreciate your love ones, especially your family.
3. fight until the end. never hold back.

I will continue further no more to avoid any spoiler content. *wink

What will happen in 2012? Will the world come to an end? Only Allah swt knows best. We are not the one who can decide what will happen. However, as we are granted with knowledge, we can possibly see the signs from Him, because He expects us to reflect and draw conclusions from them. [ spt yg telah dinyatakan di entri terdahulu]

take care people. blog adjourn.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

:: yellow + white ::

current mood : serene and happy [because it's raining..!!]
current song : super girl by super junior

SPM is around the corner.
It is less than two weeks from now. Last night while talking to my little sister on the phone, I asked her about her final preparation for the fierce and merciless battle, the SPM. She said that so far, her preparation is good..but she is very-very nervous. I understand her feeling since I had experienced it before.

Hmmm.. when thinking back about my high school...the year when I sat for the SPM. I can still remember the feeling. Nervous, but at the same time excited. Nervous because I was afraid of screwing up my papers. Excited because I don't have to go through the nerve wrecking moment again..haha

All in all... I really enjoy my high school years. So much memories and unforgettable moments.

cantik tak? baru je beli semalam.

They are the combination of white and yellow chrysanthemums. There is a florist shop that I regularly visit to buy flowers to decorate my room or my table. The flowers are fresh, nice and really cheap. The yellow and white colours give me these energetic and fresh feeling whenever I look at them.

Lately I noticed the power, feeling, mood, and some sort of energy that comes from flowers and plants around me. God shows us proofs of His creation with His superior power and infinite knowledge everywhere, and expects us to reflect and draw conclusions from them. As stated in the Holy Quran, only people capable of using their intellects can think and learn and thus know and appreciate our Lord in the best possible way.

Mari melihat dengan mata hati... *smile