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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

:: i love u too..!!! ::

current mood : at east
current song : tak ada logika by agnes monica

2 days ago, i chat with my special fren in ym. (the conversation is translated in english).
dis person thought me a few nice arabic sentences.

me= rukia
my fren = ichigo

ichigo : uhibbuki fillah
rukia : ?? wat do u mean by dat?
ichigo : it means i luv u bcoz of Allah swt / saya sygkan awak kerana Allah s.w.t
rukia : so how shud i reply?
ichigo : u shud say " ahabbakillahullazi ahbabtanifiih" / semoga Allah menyayangi dirimu yg menyayangi diriku keranaNya / may Allah love u, who love me bcoz of Him.

the prophet pbuh once said,


p/s: i found it's not dat hard to memorize those sentences.. share them wit ur love ones.. family, frens..or anybody!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

:: lalala~ ::

current mood : relax
current song : dia kekasih Allah by Hijjaz

it was a good decision to go to Pulau Kapas, the heaven for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, boating and fishing, during my previous semester break.
marang jetty : collecting our boat tickets to Pulau Kapas.

after waiting for 30 mins : here's da boat..!!!

30-minutes boat ride from the jetty in Marang to Pulau Kapas. It was truly an eye-opening experience.

from left : ayah, and all my cousins =)

MAKCIK GEMOK RESORT entrance. cute name isn't it? hehe

the mainland. view from MAKCIK GEMOK RESORT.

Pulau Kapas or Cotton Island inherited its name from the native because of its incomparable white beaches.

ayah says: " buckle up girls!! we're gonna snorkeling!! " ( excited + eager = exger? )

I also came to know our snorkeling guide and he would lead us to the nicest spots to check out the wide variety of colorful corals, sea cucumbers(gamat), and unknown tropical fishes in the shallow area. The underwater world was truly spectacular and indescribable.

Subhanallah.. Praise to Allah s.w.t,The Creator. He who knows the seen and the unseen. All in all though, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed the trip.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

:: i hate moving..!!!!!! ::

19 june 2007
We got keys to our new apartment yesterday, and I started moving small things and having some help from the Emerald Park workers to carry the big boxes.

When i finally arrive in my new home, there's that initial excitement and relief that the hardest part of the move is over; however, such enthusiasm usually evaporates once i need to cope with the new surroundings that are full of boxes - endless boxes!

20 june 2007
today, (at last..!! ) Oh my aching back!

I finally have the time to unpack and organize my bedroom. it took me a while to install and unpacking my things and put everything in its proper place.

I do feel better. And you will, too.. I promise! (God willing)