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Monday, May 21, 2007

:: Taipei 101 ::

Taipei 101 was named "Taipei 101" because the building is in Taipei and contains 101 floors. Taipei 101 has been the world's tallest building since 2004.*

Constructed- 1999-2003
Cost $1,600,000,000
507 meters (1667 feet) high

Most aspects of the design, layout and planning were reviewed and approved by a Feng Shui master.

It is about 12% higher than the Petronas Twin Towers.
This fact lowered the Petronas Twin Towers' ranking in the top 100 list from 70 to 81 ( top 100 wonders of the world) , but it didn't knock them off the top 100 list because of their striking architectural motif.

Most of the tourists claimed that the Taipei 101 building's has a rather awkward pagoda architectural design, that it didn't quite make the top 100 list, despite it being the world's tallest building.

:: Even taller buildings are coming...!!! ::

In China, the foundation is already laid for the Shanghai World Financial Center, which will win the "tallest in the world" title when it is completed (likely in 2007).

Even higher buildings are in the early stages of construction or are on the drawing boards in other cities, including Dubai, Jakarta, Chicago, and New York City.

:: Some interesting things about Japan which you might not have known! ::

current mood : sooooo not in da mood
current song : Watching You by Mina, All about Eve OST

Japan is about the size of California and has half the population of the entire United States.

The sun is red in Japan and the country itself is referred to by Japanese people as "the land of the rising sun"

It will always take one to two hours for a pizza to be delivered.

You can buy batteries, beer, wine, condoms, cigarettes, comic books, hot dogs, light bulbs, and used women's underwear from vending machines.

Fruits are forbiddingly expensive in Japan. You could end up paying up to $2 for a single apple or peach.

It is socially acceptable to pick your nose in public and urinate at the side of the road, but you cannot blow your nose in public.
Japanese people, in general, can't drive very well.
The green traffic light is called "blue".

At many businesses in Japan, they offer alcohol to the employees after six pm.

It is usually mandatory to give a landlord a gift of money of $1,000-$2000 when moving into his apartment building.

The Japanese love corn, sesame seeds, and mayonnaise on their pizza.

There are no 24 hour ATMs in Japan (closed on holidays and many only open during normal bank hours).
Slurp your soup. you are expected to slurp while having liquids such as soups. If you do not, it is considered that you do not like the food and the host may feel offended.

KFC is the place to be on Christmas Day.

Japan has about 1,500 earthquakes each year.
Japan has roughly 200 volcanoes.

You can smoke just about anywhere.

When you go to a funeral or a wedding you must take a gift of money.

In Japanese villages there is no need to send invitations for a wedding or a funeral. They are considered community events and the entire village will help in preparing the food, and taking care of all the required arrangements.

The new generation of Japanese people are not as short as Westerners think.

Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice. This is an old Japanese custom and is what is done when food is offered to the dead. When it is not an offering it is considered to be a very ill omen.

It is impolite to tear the wrapping paper off of a gift.

p/s : i wish can fly to japan rite now..!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

:: let's learn how to shoot..!!! ::

current mood : relax
current song : Ilmu by Hijjaz

shoot for the moon.
even if you miss,
u will land among the stars.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

:: aLbiNiSm a.k.a aLbiNo ::

current mood : happy without any reason ( ntah pape je, ehe..)
current song : Love Story in Harvard OST

while reading in an online newspaper portal 2 days ago, one of the news headline really caught my eyes- ALBINO

accompanied by the curiousity, i searched that topic right way in some websites, to know more about it. ( actually it's juz an excuse for me to escape from studying for my exam..hehe)

Congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal, or plant, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals.

Albinism is a recessively inherited condition affecting about 1 in 17,000 people.

Koalas are known for being cute and cuddly, but once you see the albino ones, maybe you'll start to think differently..hmmm

To see an albino giraffe running around in the wild is such a rare event..isit?

mumble..?? *happy feet* albino penguin~

albino racoon, albino dolphin,albino butterfly, albino turtle

He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His names are
the most Beautiful Names. All that is in the heavens and
the earth glorifies Him,
and He is the Mighty the Wise.
59 : 25

This “albino” milkweed obtaining the nutrients it needs to stay alive from the healthy growth. In a way, it’s a parasite on itself. The white ramets are not producing chlorophyll, probably as a result of a somatic (in non-reproductive tissues) mutation.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

:: GanbaTtE Ne !!! ::

current mood : spirited, motivated
current song : if it's loving dat u want by rihanna

just bcoz exam is just around the corner, feel myself like a study freak these days, haha~

"I Hate Exams!"
The next time I hear someone else say that, I swear I will poke their eyeballs out with my finger.. *kidding

to ppl out there, who shares the same fate with me (for those who will be sitting for exam)..
Stop whining, and spend that precious energy of yours studying..!!
wishing u all da best..!!! ganbatte ne..!!

best wishes,
~kuchiki rukia

REMINDER for mechi students:
16 may - strength of materials
17 may - engineering maths 2
19 may - electrical technology 2
21 may - applied thermodynamics
**Apakah manusia mengira bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan hanya dgn mengatakan 'kami telah beriman.', Dan mereka tidak diuji? 29:2

Sunday, May 13, 2007

:: hePi MothEr'S dAy ..!!! ::

current mood : happy, thankful
current song : Winter sonata OST track 9

Thank You, Mom
Mom, there are so many moments when I wish you knew...

how much you matter to me, and how much I thank you for being such a wonderful mother !! *smile*

Thank You Mom-for holding me in your loving arms every time I cried.
Thank You Mom-for changing my diaper and singing me to sleep.
Thank You Mom-for holding my hand as you walked me onto the bus my first day of school.

Thank You Mom-for cooking my favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Thank You Mom-for cheering me up every time i'm blue.
Thank You Mom-for laughing often.

Thank You Mom-for giving me a bag full of groceries every time you came to the hostel to visit.
Thank You Mom-for praying for me before you close your eyes each night.
Thank You Mom-for saving me some chocolate chip cookies.

Thank You Mom-for teaching me to believe in myself.
Thank You Mom-for telling me stories about my grandparents.
Thank You Mom-for showing me how to appreciate precious people.

Thank You Mom-for being there for me, through tears and fun.
Thank You Mom-for saying "I Love You" every time I see you.

In the times of my life, whether we are near or far, please remember, Mom,that there could never be any mother more wonderful...than the one you are... luv you..!!!!

p/s : Thank You Allah..!! for bringing a smile to my face every time I think of my mom... *grateful*

Thursday, May 10, 2007

:: MOtheR's DaY aRouNd thE wOrLd ::

current mood : delighted
current song : apa artinya cinta by melly goeslow n ari lasso

hello peeps!!!i feel like sharing dis few interesting facts with all of u..

Mother's Day is celebrated all over da world, with different dates, from different places, by different ppl, with different cultures.. But whenever may be the date of Mother's Day, the spirit is the same everywhere.. We still aiming for the same thing, to pay tribute to our mothers and thank them for all their love and support.

1. in United Kingdom, Mother's day or Mothering Sunday Mother's Day is celebrated in the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent. Since the Lent days are not fixed, the date for mothers Day changes every year. So, it does not fall on the same date as in US.

2. the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day not only in the United States, but also in other countries including Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium.

3. In South Africa, Mothers Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of May. This is a week before US celebrates its Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May. The most commonly used flowers on Mothers Day is the traditional carnation. People wear red or pink carnation for the mothers who are living while white carnation is used as a symbol of mothers who are dead.

4. in Spain, Mother's Day is December 8, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, so that not only mothers in one's family are honored, but also Mary, mother of Jesus.

5. in Mexico, May 10 is the Mother's Day for the Mexican. The highpoint of the event is the orchestra which plays "las maƱanitas" and distribution of 'tamales' and 'atole', the traditional early-morning meal to all local mothers.

so.. b4 it's toooooo late, never feel hesitate to show how much u care, how much u love, how much u appreciate your mother, show it every day, never wait for Mother's Day, because you will never know how much u love someone until they are gone...

Monday, May 07, 2007

:: A special reminder ::

current mood : undescibable
current song : gantung by melly goeslow

THIS IS A SPECIAL REMINDER TO my 2 sons, 1 daughter, and 1 adopted son.
(u guys know who you are) *wink*

sila la jgn nakal2, and jgn buli mak sendri.. kalo x.. kne tmpal kt dinding mcm bdk ni !!! lalalala~ *evil grin*

p/s : azi, thnx for inspiring me..muax!

Friday, May 04, 2007

:: it's cold outside, so i smile warmly ::

current mood : alive, at ease
current song : nil~

It's raining outside. I can hear it, almost see it, even through the curtains. I can see from da clock that it's late. Or early, depending on your viewpoint. It tells me it's almost 230 in the morning. It's so cold in here.

I can't sleep, so I'll probably just sit here for a while, and listen to the rain. I luv da special sweet smell of da rain. It gives me an undescribable feeling, but it really soothes my feeling...

This rain reminds me about my fav song, entitled " Rhythm of The Rain".
it's an old song, sang by Cascades. Maybe u guys never heard of it before i presume. Actually, this song was our choir's song in school, and i was 12 at dat time. Enjoy the song~

:: Rhythm Of The Rain ::

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I've been
I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again

The only girl I care about has gone away
Looking for a brand new start
But little does she know that when she left that day
Along with her she took my heart

Rain please tell me know does that seem fair
For her to steal my heart away when she don't care
I can't love another when my heart's somewhere far away

The only girl I care about has gone away
Looking for a brand new start
But little does she know that when she left that day
Along with her she took my heart

Rain won't you tell her that I love her so
Please ask the sun to set her heart aglow
Rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I've been
I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again

Oh listen to the falling rain ~
>> u may have the song from me!! <<
p/s : this song has a very nice melody, but the unpleasent part is it's about a heart-broken man who cried silently in the rain...damn, i know it really hurts!! i wish i could understand him, and share his sadness,huhu~ i wish to lend my shoulders if my frens are facing the same situation..

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

:: the moment may have ended, but the memories will last forever ::

current mood : happy, contented
current song : satu suara by firdaus

I asked Allah to give me happiness.
Allah said, "No. I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you."

ok, i think i will start this month's post by sharing my happy and cheerful moments with u ppl out there.. *smile* i guess it will be a bit longer than usual, so plss bear with it and enjoy reading!!

10 april. my bday.
At first I hated the fact that my birthday was on the month of April. It was always during tests and exams since i was in primary school until now!! But lucky me, i always have these sweet memories when having classmates greeting you, friends hugging you and saying you're getting older by the minute, and (haha whatev...) boyfriends or anybody giving you sweet birthday gifts that they either bought a few minutes ago or made with all their effort to make it look awesome. Besides dat, getting a warm bday wishes from my family makes my day brighter and makes my day perfect than ever. *wide smile*

19 april
i had a wonderful time wit my dad who dropped by since his workplace is near my place. we spent da whole day, since morning till afternoon together- shopping, eating, gossiping, and reading books!! and at the end of his visit, he gave me my bday present, i'm sooo touched till i almost cry..but i holded my tears just for him.. it's a happiness tears actually.. but i know my dad very well, he cannot bear seeing me cry, and dat will make him feels numb, and weaken his limbs. ( guys usually become weaker juz by seeing their love ones cry.. am i rite? hehe)

dat nite,again, i went out, hanging out with some frens plus having our dinner together. honestly, i had this uneasy feeling, and sumthing inside me keeps telling me that sumthing is wrong since all my frens acted a bit weird than usual. but then, i juz keep dis uneasy and curiousity in silent. we went to a restaurant- TOMYAM CLASSIC, and i've never been there b4. i sit while admiring dat restaurant's setting and surrounding. nice and cozy.

after ordering our dinner, two of my frens suddenly left the rest of us without saying anything. i thought they went to the toilet.

then... tadaaaa...!!! both of them, walking from the entrance, carrying a birthday cake!!!i never tought of having a 2nd bday celebration!!! ( although it's a bit late than the actual day, but i dun care.. do i look like i care?? haha)

and naturally, i always smile from east to west when i have a birthday cake in front of me.

then, we went to the beach.. counting the stars together, and we even make our own 'star'..!! hehe.. see da pic below:

we had a blast nite.. and it's very enjoyable and cheerful. (about the other 4 brats...hmm.. Allah, He is the Knower of the unseen and the seen.. plss forgive them, and us too, Ya Allah..)

I loved my birthday this year thanks to these wonderful guys.(there's a lot of ppl that i want to list out here, but forgive me,this limited space forbid me to do so..but u guys know who you are, and Allah knows the best =) ) The simplest yet most meaningful things have happened to me and I will always treasure them with all my heart. Thanks guys for making me feel loved... and I thank God for my family for always being there for me.

Memory ... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
thank you Allah for your blessings.