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Sunday, December 30, 2007

:: The BaTtLe FieLd ::

current mood: high spirit, motivated!!!
current song :Unchained Melody by Gareth Gates

Now, we head towards the battle field,
Believe, and our blade will not break!
Believe, and our heart will not bend!
Though the roads we take maybe different,
Our iron heart will beat as one!!
abarai renji~bleach ep. 151

Have faith in yourself, do your best, and pray for Allah s.w.t guidance and blessings.

" Jika Allah menolong kamu,maka tidak ada yg dpt mengalahkanmu. tetapi jika Allah membiarkan kamu (tidak memberi pertolongan),maka siapa yg dpt menolongmu setelah itu? Kerana itu,hendaklah kepada Allah sahaja org mukmin bertawakal. " (3: 160 )

:: All the best for the final exam ::

p/s : i adore abarai renji.. *wink

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

:: NerD in TraiNinG mOdE ::

current mood: exhausted [mentally]
current song: Suteki Da Ne ( Final Fantasy OST)

next sem, i am going to be a 3rd year student...
the path will become more difficult and challenging,
but i will try my best!!

Hmm....nothing much to say. (When you spend hours studying for the exam, it is kind of nothing to write on!)

Day by day, I study more for the coming exam. i'm gonna have an exam on next monday and friday.(yes, I am totally being nailed with exams!! )

“Berdoalah dengan berkata:
Wahai Tuhanku; Tambahlah daku dengan ilmu pengetahuan”.
– (Taha: 114)

I will say that a few days back while studying, I was able to clear up some things that I was confused or not solid on. I went through and looked at the examples at the end of the chapters, tutorials, and found things I had no idea before, I finally understood. [alhamdulillah..] It was nice to have a couple of ah-ha moments !!! Now if only I can have some plain old memorization moments, I'll be good!!! Insha-Allah.. *smile

While busy studying, i managed to escape and finished reading this book - P/S: i love you. It is a good book, filled with motivation, inspiration and courage to move on, especially for those who lost their love ones.

Now, i decided to finish this book [the five ppl you meet in heaven] before the semester break, which means i am going to finish this book while struggling for exams.. [ i think i am out of my mind to make this decision]

Well, time to sleep. And I am very sleepy all day, which isn't what I needed. I feel really tired and I wanted to feel energized!!

gambatte ne.. minna san!!!

p/s : belajar itu jihad. bacalah dengan nama Tuhan yg menciptakan.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

:: TheiR aBseNcE hiT mE..!!! ::

current mood : i miss my family.. homesick!!!!!
current song : Perhaps Love. [ Princess Hour OST ]

Ohana means family. That is what Hawaian called it. Today i miss my family. it's not dat i do not miss them before, it is juz dat i miss them more than ever. i miss them badly. Their absence hit me.

my desk, with my parents on it. *smile

They make me feel whole. Gathering in the house... with all the family members there. We made lots of memories, for all of us to share. [ mom's smile+cook+bubbling. Dad's scent+ Quran recitations after prayers+sports. Sisters' gossiping arguments+ remarks+singing.]

I miss those things... huhu~

My youngest sis' new bolster with shin chan face on it. She took the pic herself.

When I see your faces, I smile with all my might

for when I see your eyes, the room will suddenly be bright.

Keluarga adalah medan memberi yang paling mulia.

Terima Kasih Tuhan!!

p/s : rindu dalam hati hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu~

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

:: Wishes and prayers from somewhere on earth ::

current mood: as gloomy as the sky
current song: Beautiful Day [Great Inheritance OST ]

From the depth of your Soul please pray
as Doas are accepted and sins wiped away
Ask with a clean heart is all Allah requires
and ask for whatever good the soul desires

.:untuk yg teristimewa:.



p/s : sedey x dpt balik raya.....huhu *sob *sob

Friday, December 14, 2007

:: Still AliVe !!! ::

current mood : undescribable
current song : Zinnirah by UNIC
current liking : nasi goreng cendawan + soup

Has it been this long since i have updated my blog? but now, i think it's okay bcoz I am doing it now, hehe [ gomenasai ]

~I am still alive and kicking! ~

So far.. for this semester.. my life is cruising smoothly, alhamdulillah, but a bit shaky at the middle of the journey due to some ups and downs in daily life ;) But that's what life is all about! I am becoming stronger and ready to take the challenges.. [go rukia..!!]

I asked Allah for all things that I might enjoy life.
Allah said, " No.I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things."

and now the story begins...
Last saturday night was a blast! Thanks to everyone for being there! [darling, + the 3 unidentified creatures] We saw quite a lot of ppl and met some tourists as well.

To make the story short, after we missed the last trip of the bus to tour around the historical city [ mana lg kalo bkn melaka..!! ] , we went to jonker street. Out of sudden, someone popped up with a backup plan, suggesting that we should go cruising along the river. [ it's too glamourous to be called a cruise..let's call it a BOAT..heh ]

So.. we walked along the river, actually it's called jungle tracking to be exact!! hahahaha~~

We walked past thru a traditional village, suitable for homestay i presume. it's sooooo damn nice and unique! The landscaping is soo fine and captivating! two thumbs up!!

on the way to dataran kg air to take the boat, and we stopped for a while to check out our current location.

a long walk that shows what you are made of.

a long walk that demands our determination.

a long walk that test whether your legs are in a good condition or not, especially your knees flexibility... * wink

at last.. we made it!!! [yeay..!!!]

The boats were named after the famous warriors- Tun Perak, Tun Mamat, Tun Fatimah and Tun Ali.

cruising in Tun Perak: I never knew it was THAT beautiful along that river.The Eye On Melaka is located near the river bank.

After that.. i bet all of us had a looooong sleep + snoring all the night.. thank you guys for a wonderful moment.. *smile

p/s : kembara insan menuju Tuhan~

Monday, December 03, 2007

:: i neeD a BreAk..!!! ::

current mood: delighted, dreamy
current song: Konichiwa Bitches by Robyn
current wish: to visit a tulip farm

Currently i'm dying to visit a tulip farm. i dunno why, but suddenly i feel like wanna go..

pls take me to the tulip farms.. somebody!!! anybody!!! [plsssss..!! ]

just by looking at these pictures, they make me smile.. [ wide smile + dream mode ]
imagining myself walking thru the tulips delightfully....


view of the walking path.

Tulips have a unique way of reflecting light, their bright colours reflect the sunlight so they actually seem to glow in the fields.

The views are undoubtly incredible ..

They are not just beautiful, they are captivating..!!!

This place is strictly for those who seek nature to nurture the heart and soul. It will heal you with every breath and will stay with you a lifetime.

p/s : dengan melihat alam akan mendekatkan kita dengan Penciptanya.. *wink

Saturday, December 01, 2007

:: haPpY BiRThdAy dEar SistEr !!! ::

current mood: Joy, grateful

current song : Miracle Happens by Myra

current liking : roti pisang [nyum! nyum! ]

Happy 15th Birthday to a Special Little Sister!

You liven up a boring day
In your fun-loving, cheerful way
You're warm and caring,thoughtful too
It's great to have a sister like you.
Today, i send u lotsa luv!!
May Allah swt bless you *hugs and kisses

:: A sister is a gift to the heart, a fren to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life ::

p/s : hepi bday to all december babies!!