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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

:: bEcaUse She Is mY MoTher ::

This is my mother. My beloved mother.
she loves dark chocolate with a lot of almonds inside. she likes brown colour. she enjoys all kind of chips a.k.a kerepek. she admires the popular 80's songs sang by uji rashid, because by listening to all the songs will remind her of my father. [terkenang zaman muda la tuh...haha]*sweet

she is afraid of dark. scares to sleep alone. super sensitive. always cry when watching sad movies, even when listening to heartbreaking songs, she will cry too..!!!
but still, i love her, because she is my mother.

Blessed is your face
Blessed is your name
My beloved

Blessed is your smile
Which makes my soul to fly
My beloved
[song lyrics from samy yusof]

[inspired by]
I just wanna say that, one of the reasons why I love my mother is, while all those people around admire/love me because of the extra ordinary things they see in me [ada ke?? haha] but she loves me all because of the ordinary things she found in me. When other people look down to me, while others giving their back, she will always be there for me.

No one could ever love me the way she does… because she is my mother. *smile
Alhamdulillah... thank you Allah..!!!

p/s : homesick gila...!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

:: HugS aNd KissEs ::

current mood: calm and happy
current song : teman istimewa by Alarm me

"Janganlah kamu menyembah selain Allah, dan berbuat baiklah kepada ibu bapa, kaum kerabat, anak-anak yatim...."
(Al-Baqarah: 83)

Spending time with these wonderful children was one of the best experiences in my life! I could tell the children loved having us there with them, playing and just paying attention to them. I will never forget them and plan to visit them in Seremban one day. [jom pegi..!!! nak ikut tak? ] *smile

The volunteers program with the orphans had been a brief but thoroughly enjoyable one. *smile The children I met were happy, the level of laughter and their playful nature is at the maximum level. Despite all these, i believe that most of them, all have sad tales to tell. Together with Zakiah and Nadia, we really don't know the story behind them being orphan and we really don't care about it. All we want to do is to cheer them up that time. *wink

It really feels good whenever we have done good deeds especially when we make people happy.

With our group: Dolphin.
Spending time with them will melt your hearts because you can see how much love they give to you, when you were expecting to be the one doing the loving.

It is a very enlightening and valuable experience . I learn as much and more from these little brothers and sisters. It opens your eyes, your heart, and makes you feel like you made a difference. Being there with the children really brightens their day.

Jamulah tamu, muliakanlah anak yatim, dan berbuat baiklah kepada tetangga."
[HR. Ahmad dan Abu Dawud, Shohih Abu Dawud, Al-Albani : 4836]

p/s : hugs and kisses from kak ima for you guys..!! xoxo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

:: tentAnG seSeoRaNg ::

"Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioun
( From God we come, and to Him we return)"

I just received a sad news from my ex-schoolmate saying that one of our teachers, Cikgu Hasnah, had passed away. She passed away on Friday, 6 Feb 2009 after fighting cancer for years.

She taught us chemistry and I will forever remember her teaching style. She always slip-in the brilliant stories of the prophet Muhammad pbuh between her explanations about something.
It is truly a loss for all of us.

I am writing this in memory of her. It is also as a tribute to all teachers who have taken the time to pass on their knowledge to me.

Been there. Done that.

I still remember it clearly, as if it happens yesterday, the day when SPM results was announced...
Indeed, it was a very nice scene to see. Everyone is happy, cheering and laughing. Some were crying, with tears of happiness. One of our friends informed us that all 25 students in our class got A1 for chemistry along with other classes.
Cikgu Hasnah once said that she really wants to see our whole class to get A1 for chemistry. Alhamdulillah, Allah has answered your prayer cikgu..!!! *smile

"hepinya... terima kasih cikgu...!!!
rasa hepi dpt buat cikgu rasa bangga dan berbaloi mencurahkan ilmu pada kami..."

May you rest in peace, along with the people that He loves. Al-fatihah....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

:: On TurNinG oVer A nEw Leaf ::

current mood : enthusiastic
current song : disturbia by rihanna

So far, through out these years, i feel that i am not doing as well as i still could, and i always feel that i can do better.
I need to stop slacking and work harder!

I'm turning over a new leaf:
I've decided to work harder+smarter.

Working Smart = Making a Plan
Working Hard = Working the Plan

And just so we’re clear, this goal can be applied to any area of your life.

In this semester, i will work smart, work hard and live strong.
Be Free!


TAG FROM KAY..!!! they are two more tags to go... huhu..saba ye amad and kay.. *wink

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
* him? her? sape? [ok la, to be on the safe side, saya pilih her as my reference ]

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
* clumsy
* "budak ni nmpk cm bdk pndai", [saya bercakap dlm hati]
* warm
* loud
* poyo

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you?
* a handmade card with sweet poem during friendship day on 2001. [ still simpan smpai skrg, siap frame tuu..]

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
* every words that come from her are full of wisdom, and memorable. *smile

5. If he/she become your lover, you will..
* i am not a lesbo. thank you.

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will..
* i pray hard that she will never be my enemy...

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on...
* refer to no 5 above.

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
* when the reason is undefined, thats sad

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
* to be there for her during her wedding day.

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
* clumsy, sweet, but adorable in her way.

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
* i don't care, it's up to them.

12. The character of you for yourself is?
* secretive

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
* can be easily distracted
cepat emo... and the list goes on *wink

14. The most person that you wanna be is?
* i want to be myself, in a better version. [boleh ke?]

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
* thank you for being the honour of being there with me. For all these, i am eternally grateful.

16. 5 people to tag:
*kak ana
*kak ara
* anyone..haha... [kalo rajin 4 nama atas tuh wajib ye..]

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

:: Jalan-jaLan cari MakaN...kah?? ::

To name a few, these are some restaurants with strange theme that are operating successfully.
Let's take a look...

1. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Every things are in toilet shape; the chairs, bowls, even the glasses and cups..!!!

2. Restaurant In The Sky, Belgium

The concept, called Dinner In The Sky involves a massive table, seating some 20 people, with waiters moving hither and yon. It is suspended in the sky by a crane at 150 ft from the ground. [ source:]

be careful. don't drop your fork..!!

p/s: which one do you prefer? the first or the second restaurant?? *wink

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

:: i am MusLim ::

current mood : serene
current song : permintaan hati by letto

I have always love to read, and really I don’t mind spending on it. I read with the aim to seek knowledge. Walking about in Popular Bookstore (Melaka), I stumped onto Dina Zaman’s I AM MUSLIM. First glance doesn’t really beat, looking at the dull, gray cover page, but when I skimmed through few pages, I have to admit myself “The content is different from other contemporary book."

honest. transparent. and the writing style is very different. actually, it is the compilation of articles which she wrote in her blog, and some of them come from the column.

In my personal opinion, she is a liberalist, who's travel to search the meaning of being a muslim and to deepen her faith. She meets shamans, nationalist, moderates, and gets into all sorts of scrapes to discover what Islam means to Muslims in Malaysia.

I may not 100% ly agree to what she wrote, but through this book we are able to test our faith, and how strong we believe and hold to Islam.
Read and think, that is the key. Do not swallowed everything, what she thinks/writes does not means it is correct.

p/s : byk gila tag nk kne buat... kay punya dh dua, amad punya lg... huhu... sabar ye kwn2...hehe