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Sunday, December 19, 2010

:: berlari menuju Ilahi ::

takziah buat keluarga brother mas afzal.
semogo rohnya di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman.

Friday, December 10, 2010

:: keMbaLi ::


current mood : okay
current song : Cahaya hati by Opick

hi minna-san... genki desuka?
dah hampir 6 bulan rasanya blog ini menyepi. tak berkesempatan.
malam ni terasa rajin pulak.

sekarang ni dah hampir 6 bulan sejak saya melangkah ke alam baru dalam hidup. alam pekerjaan.
so far, i am blessed with happening and helpful colleagues, sporting boss (kena marah hari-hari dah biasa..haha) yang selalu belanja makan lepas dia marah..ngeeee
alhamdulillah, i like my job.

2 days ago, my parents came to visit me. walaupun it was a short stay, tapi best!! rindu pun terubat juga walaupun sedikit. haa..apa lagi? mai la penang ye kenkawan!

a lot of people asking.. " why penang? ko kan ada dapat kerja kat shah alam, bangi... tapi nape nak gi jauh-jauh? member-member pon ramai kerja kat sini."

soalan yang bagus.. tapi saya juga tertanya-tanya kenapa saya ke sini. melihat-lihat negeri orang barangkali?

ok la.. nanti citer lagi. esok kena gi tengok site. ajak technician temankan..hohoho
(buli dia! *evil grin)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

:: PonderiNG ::

people said, " better late than never"
**but it's better if we are not late. right?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

:: versus ::

currently i am on leave for 4 days...!!!
away from work, somehow i feel peaceful, and my mind+ body seems to relax a bit, alhamdulillah *smile

after recommended by a friend, i tried to read this book, and i successfully finished it yesterday. it's been centuries since i read a malay novel, and i am glad that this book is very good and does not contain cliches. it's not fully in malay actually, it's 50% in malay and 50% in english. very good english. *thumbs up

genre: religion, motivational, love, family

author: hlovate

my favourite quote (taken from this book) : " bukan mudah untuk berubah, tanpa arah ke sejadah, dari tepi jalanan ke sujud menghadap tuhan.." it means that: walaupun kita cuba berubah untuk jadi lebih baik dari dulu, sekiranya ianya tidak berlandaskan jalan menuju Tuhan, it's meaningless. reason: bila kita ikut jalan menuju Tuhan, secara automatik kita akan jadi baik. ye tak? *insha-allah

"You will never reach perfection because there is always room for improvement. Yet, along the way to perfection you will learn to get better..."

nother interesting quote, " if you forget of what you were, you would never be grateful of what you are..."

the content is refreshing, with simple words and brilliant life messenges. try read it, and you will know what i mean!
take care!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

:: neW phase begiNs ::

Hi every one...just wanna let you guys know that i am still alive and kicking...!!!
There are a lot of things to be shared, and i will try my best to make it short and interesting as possible. Currently I am in Penang, working. Today is my fourth day. *smile

I miss my home and family more than i did during my study life...and i dunno why.
I would find it extremely difficult to leave the warm clutches of these people; mother, father and my beloved, crazy sisters. For what it’s worth, thick through thin - I am thankful to have been blessed with these people. Alhamdulillah!

My dear housemates are very nice, and since they are older than me, somehow I feel secure and protected. Alhamdulillah... *wide smile

20 june, Sunday
Hari Bapa.
He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
AYAH, Thank you for everything! Jasamu tidak akan dapat ku balas...

21 june, Monday
The weekend had passed quickly.
This day had finally arrived and there was no turning back now.

On my way to work this morning, many thoughts were passing through my mind. I was far too nervous to drive and was also in danger of being late because it was raining like hell, plus the traffic jam. Despite all that, fortunately, I managed to arrive at the office at 830am sharp. Boss sangat sporting and colleagues juga okay.

Occasional people said hello and a couple of people asked if I had had a good week end. It was all very normal and by the afternoon I was relaxed and enjoying my first ordinary day at work. During lunch, boss belanja makan nasi kandar. [Thanks boss, lain kali belanja lagi..hehe]

manual yang tebal gila.

Until today, I was given a lot of working manual, design and calculation samples for me to read +study and getting familiar with the job. Observing the production area, I think managed to grasp the process a little bit. [cuak..harap-harap bleh buat...]

Pray for me!!!

p/s: nampak sangat xde keje sampai bleh update blog..hehe *wink

Sunday, May 30, 2010

::short update::

I am currently busy settling a few things.
Will let you guys know once I have settle those things.
Akan update semua sekali pasni. Janji!!

I hope everything will settle and finish smoothly according to plan. *pray hard

Take care people. Eat well, sleep well, and pray well.

hugs and kisses,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

:: When things get difficult ::

current mood: mentally exhausted
current song: miina by super junior

fight the urge to run when things get difficult.

it's not easy to face challenges in life. it's always easier to just run away and forget about everything else. but being able to do it and sort things out gives you the most wonderful, satisfy feeling in the world.

If you WALK to Allah, Allah will RUN to you.
[it's raining heavily just now.]

whatever you do, don’t give up.
even if you aren’t feeling any motivation today, or this week, don’t give up.
have faith in yourself, and the motivation will eventually come back to you again, insha-allah. think of your goal as a long journey, and your slump is just a little bump in the road. you can not give up just like that every time when you hit a bump.

be strong! fighting!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

:: cepaT & muDaH ::

current mood: okay... ohaiyo gozaimasu!!!
current song: the climb by miley cyrus
warning: this entry is terribly mixed with BM, BI and bahasa pasar. [versi nak cepat.] *wink

apabila exam menjelma, mestilah kita akan study. bila study, mesti cepat lapar, sebab most of the calories and sugar that we consume are used to support the brain function. time nilah banyak berfikir *chuckle

i usually choose the fastest and simplest way, either eating chocolate ( a lot) while studying, or drinking isotonic water. inspired by miss myra, this time i try to change my eating habit during exam.

i made myself a bowl of salad...haha
baiklah puan-puan, ini adalah cara-cara membuat salad versi nak cepat dimakan time study untuk exam;
1. campakkan baby butterhead (jenis salad pilih ikut suka), cherry tomato, mini dried bread, dan buah epal yang dipotong kecil-kecil ke dalam mangkuk.
2. dinasihatkan agar mangkuk besar digunakan supaya mendapat hasil yang memuaskan. *wink
3. tuangkan dressing 'seribu pulau' a.k.a thousand island secukup rasa.
4. gaulkan hingga sebati.
5. sedia dimakan. lebih umpphh jika dinikmati menggunakan chopstick.

lagi sedap kalau guna epal hijau. tapi time ni cuma ada epal merah je. asal boleh!!

my all time favourite.

ihsan from a thoughful friend. thanks!

i just realise that i crave for many type of food when i am studying, especially the one that is ridiculous and rare to find. sebab tension kot?

p/s: minna san..ganbatte ne!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010


current mood: physically +mentally exhausted
current song: so what by pink

a day without surprises can be pretty dull...thanks a lot mr vibration!!!
it seems that this time i have to work triple+multiple harder for my finals.
it's alright, because i believe there are blessings in this part of His plan. He knows best. He always does.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

::You OnLy see whaT yoU wanT to seE ::

current song : til tok by 2pm
current mood : serene

I was awarded by Amad with this award. *clap-clap
thank you so much...!! this beautiful blogger award might refer to the blog skin/appearance, or to its contents, depends on how you perceive them. I hope i was awarded because of both. *wink

Human likes beautiful things. beautiful comes from God. what makes God so beautiful, is the way he expresses himself through His creation. He says good morning with the sun, He says goodnight with the moon. [ beautiful it is...!! ]

without a doubt, we are prone to beauty.
However, if something is beautiful, it doesn't mean that they are good.
the eyes sometimes can deceive us because you only see what your eyes want to see. instead, pandanglah dengan mata hati. once you did, you can feel it because you see it with your heart.

pandangan mata selalu menipu
pandangan akal selalu tersalah
pandangan nafsu selalu melulu
pandangan hati itu yang hakiki, kalau hati itu bersih...
[mata hati by hijjaz]

p/s : have a nice weekend..!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

:: hecTic, yet meaningfuL ::

current mood: relax, happy
current song : rahmat ujian by mestica

10 april
Dear friends,
i am writing to say a huge thanks for making my weekend/birthday so much fun!!
delicious food, crazy yet happening outing, the visit to 'serbuk badan' jewellery shop...*wink and most of all, the lovely gifts, cards, picture albums and video. thank you so much for the effort and love...!!!

it's not the size that counts, but the thoughts behind it.

I will treasure and cherish our bitter sweet memories together. rain or shine, those memories will stay forever. *hugs and kisses

11,12,13 april

went to Penang with mission that will paint my future. alhamdulillah, everything went well.
i had a wonderful time there and especially enjoyed the extremely comfortable home, with my cousin and her nice and bubbly housemates. i wonder how most of them thought that i am a kedahan. the way i talk? abviously not...!!
anyhow, i am already used to it because since my matrix and college days, many people think that i am either a kedahan or penangitis. hmm.. i wonder...

butterworth has changed a lot since my last visit on 2006. i still remember the bus terminal was located exactly below the bridge to the island. but now, with its new look and location, it makes the domestic transportation much easier and convenient for the people.

i would definitely come again! and please make sure to take me to places with good food ya! *chuckle
thanks for the great memories!

remember to always travel with zikir and fikir. it will makes your journey more meaningful because it is accompanied by bless, love and guidance from Allah swt. *smile

Saturday, April 10, 2010

:: My biRThdaY messAge ::

current mood: half-awake [ awaken by continuous bday wishes sms from dear ones...thanks!! ]
current song: nil

after 25 years, i learned something.
There is a clear line between being young and getting older.

being young means you are still naive.
that's why it feels like you are floating without a clear direction in the sky or sinking deeply beneath the ocean when something hurts you. those emotions control your entire life, and can make you lose sight of who you are.

by growing older, your heart grows more experienced. [alhamdulillah]
you grow one step farther away from being controlled by your feelings and are able to keep from sinking to the depths of the ocean. that's what it means to grow older.

Everything that happens tomorrow is not and will never be in your control.
So live the best as it is every day.

Growing old is mandatory,but growing up is optional. This is so true for some people that can't seem to do both at the same time. I might be one of them. Sometimes i am afraid to grow up because things will get more complicated and challenging as we grow up. yes?

i may be weak, but as long as I continue admiring those who are strong, i'll keep growing stronger too. i believe i will grow stronger!

If you are kind, People may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, They may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.
[mother teresa]

p/s: if this birthday ranting is too much for you guys to understand..haha..sorry!! *wink

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

:: whEn thiNgS get CompLiCAteD ::

current mood: indescribable. mixed.
current song : wetoriya by C.N. Blue [ best layan... it's my current ringtone]

while anticipating for 12 april, there's nothing much that i can do. i do not know what to expect. it's just unpredictable.

this nervous feeling in my heart is going to burst at any time. any where.

Dear Allah, please give me the strength and lead me the way.
wahai hati, tenanglah!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

:: YanG ComEL ::

current mood: mixed
current song : nil

A lot of things need to be settled today. *sigh
Extremely b.u.s.y.
Putting things aside for a while, this post is dedicated to my dear sweet friend. Celebration was done last nite, with cakes, songs, pizzas and "rombongan merisik....." and hantaran too!!! *chuckle

Happy birthday to intan ismida yang chomel...!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

:: ThE overLook bLeSsinG ::

current mood: nil
current song: run devil run by SNSD

The surgeon put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Your cancer has come roaring back. I would give you about thirty days to live."

"...It was lung cancer. I'd previously had one lung removed. Now, four months later, the cancer was back. This time it was in my ribs and lymph system..... " Yes, this is seriously happening. It's not me, but it's my kmys senior,brother mas afzal.

He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 3 in his final year as a medical student in UK in july, 2008.

He started to blog after so many people request him to share his life experience battling with cancer. And he did. I have always follow his blog since he started blogging in December 2008. His writing inspires me a lot, on how to always be positive, dare to dream high, and most of all... he always has things to be grateful. [Masya-allah...!!!]

He is very strong, considering that he is just 26 this year, at such young tender age, battling with the deadly cancer. I can never imagine if this happens to me, or my family. I will collapse for sure, and to imagine further I do not dare. May Allah swt bless him and his family a never ending courage and strength. ~aamin

Health is a blessing we often overlook. Yes?
Allah swt has many ways to test our faith, our iman.
Brother Mas Afzal is one of the chosen people to be tested with illness. Despite the illness, he never gives up, and he tries his very best to do good deeds that benefits other people.

Having good health, is also a test by Allah swt. The test is more challenging, heavier and trickier. Thinking back, how many times we are grateful to Allah swt for these ultimate blessings? What are the good deeds that we have done so far with our good health?

Ooo Allah, I really feel ashamed of myself. Astaghfirullah !!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

:: thE viEw ::

i found that i will be blogging whenever i am suppose to do something much more important. currently i am suppose to do my assignment, but i can't figure out on how to solve it, thus, the blogging. *giggle

suddenly i feel like writing about this. it's based on my experience and observation mixing with different type of people. this is my honest view/perspective as a girl.

1. lelaki yang menggunakan bahasa carut-carutan di hadapan perempuan.
perempuan yang dimaksudkan adalah ibu, ahli keluarga, serta kawan yang berjantina perempuan. jika ingin berbuat demikian, lakukannya bersama rakan-rakan yang sealiran.
sejujurnya, rasa hormat saya akan terkikis pada lelaki sebegini.
"berkatalah yang baik-baik sahaja atau diam."

2. lelaki suka yang bercakap besar, walhal dia tidaklah sehebat mana.
sangat memualkan apabila kita tahu yang dia tidaklah sehebat mana, namun bercakap besar. akhirnya kita juga yang dicari untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalahnya/kerjanya.
"umpama harimau yang tidak bertaring yang mengaum garang"

3. lelaki yang kononnya hendak bergurau/berkelakar, tetapi lawaknya dikategorikan sebagai "offensive" oleh perempuan.
contoh, " cantiknya perempuan itu, rasa nak cium." "nanti aku peluk kang. " "nak cium..!! "
[what the heck? lelaki yang tidak sopan amat saya jauhi.]

maaf, ini hanyalah luahan/pendapat peribadi saya sahaja. mungkin perempuan lain tidak kisah jika mempunyai teman yang suka mencarut di hadapannya, tetapi saya kisah.
mungkin ada yang senang dengan teman yang gemar menggunakan "offensive joke", tetapi saya tidak. saya sangat-sangat menghargai lelaki yang tahu menghormati orang lain.

saya bukanlah insan yang sempurna, dan tiada insan yang sempurna. itu pasti.
[mungkin] ada yang berpendapat, " kecohlah minah ni. kolot... "
tetapi, bukankah ia menjadi kewajipan kita untuk berusaha menjadi lebih baik? saya doakan agar golongan ini berubah, dan kita juga...!! peluang untuk berubah sentiasa ada. *smile

"Nescaya Allah memperbaiki bagimu amalan-amalanmu dan mengampuni bagimu dosa-dosamu. Dan barangsiapa mentaati Allah dan Rasul-Nya, maka sesungguhnya ia telah mendapat kemenangan yang besar."
(Surah Al-Ahzab:71)

Indah bukan pada zahir,tapi terletak pada tutur,
terhampar pada pekerti,terserlah pada santun,
tersentuh pada hati.

Friday, March 19, 2010

:: tabiaT yaNg tiDak peRnaH beruBah ::

current mood: nil
current song: merancang kerja by nowseeheart

Since i was small, i have the habit to stick my room's wall or personal board or closet or room's door with anything other than the decoration items such as; my ambition, list of the food that I crave for, my own drawing that i like and many more. Life is very simple when we were small.

As i grow older, life gets more complicated and harder. So, the habit of sticking-something-nonsense changed to stick something that are more motivating, realistic reminder, short term and long term goal, and so on. Call me a freak, but that is who i am...!!! *wink

simple, but meaningful.

susah, tapi tak mustahil. keep trying!!!

Whenever I feel like, " I can't do this. It's tooo hard for me." I will look at the notes/posters or whatever things that I stick on my wall to remind me to remain strong, because if you believe in yourself, Allah swt will keeps you going. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it, no obstacle is too great. *as long as you set a realistic goal!!!

This was stack 6 months ago. My future goal!!! pray for me~ *praying and struggling hard No matter how hard you work for success, if your thought is saturated with the fear of failure, it will kill your efforts, neutralize your courage to try and make success impossible.

It's okay to try, and to fail, because we learn and improve from failure to achieve success. kan?? *smile

p/s : ini salah satu habit saya. anda ada habit yang pelik or menarik untuk dikongsi bersama?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

:: Buat Mu ::

12 March 2010.
Happy birthday ayah...!! [walopon dh telambat..nk post jugak..!! *smile]

During that day, he was not at home due to outstation job which takes 3 weeks. So, I just wish him through the phone, and left the birthday present on his desk. Hopefully he likes the present.

from left: me and ayah

Anyways, I am very thankful because he is still here, with me and my family. Ya Allah, please protect my dad from any harm, and secure his place with the people that You love.

p/s: happy birthday to all march babies too..!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

:: secebis doa ::

Ya Rahman,
berkati Isninku, bersama saudaraku,
agar tidak putus-putus berprestasi,
hingga ke akhir jumaat, yang hujungnya akhirat.

p/s: petikan doa sangpelangi

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

:: KaLa buLan MengamBanG ::

current mood: nil [sleepy]
current song: teman istimewa by Alarm Me

Yesterday I went to bed earlier than usual, which was around 10pm. My day was packed with lab, redo-ing the assignment, chasing the afternoon tutorial session, doing some calculation exercise and studying for the upcoming midterm test. I was mentally exhausted and the uninvited headache came knocking.

And now, here I am, blogging..haha I woke up around 1230am to continue my reading for the midterm test..and after 2 hours, I feel sleepy again, So, I decided to blog for a while to kill this sleepiness. [alasan]

This is a picture of my study table [very small part of it]. I always have my own-made poster to motivate me to work hard and try my best, and to believe that something better is waiting for me, insha-allah.

Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better.

::Letting go something good for something better ::
In this context, we can also say that giving up = letting go. Letting go isn’t about loss and it's not about defeat. It is having an open mind and confidence in the future. Letting go is having the courage to accept change, and strength to keep moving. Letting go is growing up.
[ credit to miss kay for her inspirational post about letting go]

"ooo Allah, grant me serenity to accept the things i cannot change,
courage to change the things i can,
and wisdom to know the difference..."

p/s: Have faith, and everything will be fine. HE knows best...!!!
tajuk entri cam xde kaitan je kan??...haha~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

:: Back From HOLiday ::

Current song: Mister by KARA
Current mood: enthusiastic

February. I have to say February is about to drive me insane, but not yet, because I am stronger than that. fighting!!!

Yesterday we went to a chinese muslim restaurant around Kota Laksamana area to have "sate celup" for our dinner. This is my first experience eating sate celup...!!! Sate celup is very famous among chinese and usually it is non-halal. Lucky us, there is a halal sate celup restaurant named "Satay Celup Kota" and it is very famous among the Malaccan families and youngsters. [akhirnye dpt gak rs sate celup b4 grad..haha]

antara sate yang dipilih. comel tak??

After ordering your drinks, you can choose your satays- there are many types of satay to choose. Chicken meat, beef, vegetables, fish, prawn, mushrooms, and many more. Each stick will cost you 60cents. Then, we sit around a round table with the "kuah kacang" at the middle. Dipped the satays in the kuah kacang until they are cooked, and eat them while they are still hot.Sedap..!!! The type of 'dip source' varies in different places. Some restaurant prepare the kuah kacang, some prepare soup with chillies, etc.

celup sate kat tengah-tengah. gamba misteri gila. *wink
[penulis tiada dalam gambar]

teh disko menjadi pilihan saya.

I would say sate celup is a healthy food, if you choose and eat them healthily. Remember, we eat to provide the energy needed by our bodies, so that we are able to do good deeds better and to show our grateful to the One who provides food for us to live. Ya Allah, please bless our food, and protect us from the hell...amin~

p/s : click here to view the map of Sate Celup Kota Restaurant

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

:: SaYa YanG RinDu ::

current mood : happy and excited
current song : mother by Sami Yusof

I can't deny that i cannot wait to go back home...!!! It has been 5 months since I am away from home. So I am super excited+eager nak balik...!!!

Since two weeks ago, I have been SMS-ing my mother about food that I want her to cook for me when I go back later...*wink

The funny part is, the image of the food suddenly appear in my head in random places- the images appeared when I was walking in the campus area, in the elevator, surfing the internet, watching anime...and so on. Then, I will immediately sms her the food. [ kalo buat list, dh bleh jd menu restoren tuu..haha..byk sgt benda yg nk dimakan]

Just now I just SMS-ed my mother ;
tetiba terasa nak makan nasi lemak mak dengan sambal sotong. sedapnya... ngeeee~

p/s :semua orang pon camtu kan? masakan mak kita la paaaaling sedap dalam dunia!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

:: the fading smile ::

dear rukia kuchiki,

i want to protect you and your fading smile.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

:: somEtimeS, we NeeD tO LoOk baCk ::

current mood: relax and serene [it's weekend...!!]
current song : Say thanks to Allah by Michael Jackson

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, bertakwalah kepada Allah dan berkatalah yang benar, nescaya Allah akan memperbaiki perbuatanmu serta mengampuni dosa-dosamu. Barangsiapa taat kepada Allah dan Rasulnya maka ia sungguh akan berbahagia dengan kebahagiaan yang agung."

I've been thinking lately, reflecting myself. Looking back on what I did, what I said, and what I saw. I learned a lot, and want to improve myself. We make mistakes, learn from it, move on, and improve. How do people make the right decision? Yes, they learn from the wrong decision that they made. That is called experience.

Got to go now...need to finish my internship report. [x tau nak tulis apa dlm report..*sigh]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

:: UpdateS...!! ::

current song: doa seorang keka sih by Inteam
current mood : happy and excited [ dah abes practical..yeay..!! ]

8 & 9 jan : my and hazman kawin-ing...!!

alhamdulillah... both of them were my ex-college mates. My was my chalet mate back then, and hazman was my muscom president. feel so happy for my, and nice people get ended up with nice people too...*smile janji Tuhan itu pasti, and I truly believe that. I went to their reception in Sepang with my best friend and her husband...the newly wed couple.

moga bahagia sampai ke syurga

I really love the song " doa seorang kekasih" by inteam since it was released about 7 years ago, without knowing that it is a piece of doa for people who's getting married [doa bakal pengantin] that is embedded into a sweet song. I highly recommend for you people to listen to the song.

15 jan : the end of my internship

I never know how much I miss my student life when I start to work in Muehlbauer. But still, I learn a lot, and gain a lot of experience from the staff there. Next week I'm gonna start my student life again...!!!

R&D mechanical people : gonna miss you guys

from left: mr jason lim; the quiet one, but always give me chocolates.
mr ethan lim; my supervisor. crazy and always around to help me.
ms looi ; the new engineer. sangat best kawan dgn dia. sweet sangat..!!
mr hisham; funny, the atmosphere maker and famous for his witty remarks.
mr mathi; the one who is full with wisdom and always encourage me to do my best.
not in the pic : mr brian lim. nice and sweet. and waaaayyy too crazy!

not to forget, other engineers from other departments, other staff, and my beloved crazy abang2 technicians... thank you so much for the knowledge, guidance and experince...!!! God bless you always...*smile

Gonna fight for my last sem, I will study and get ready... and perhaps, my chance of becoming a mechanial engineer will come...insha-allah. [pray for me]

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 : On my way back into love

current mood: exhausted [physically and mentally]
current song: cerita hati by hafiz hamidon

hello everyone...!!!
May your new year is accompany by determination and perseverance for anything that is coming. May Allah swt guide and bless us to the righteous path..aamin..

These pictures were taken yesterday when I was at the traffic light, on my way back after work. If I'm not mistaken, it was 7pm. The view was so serene and beautiful.

saya suka amek gamba langit dan awan.

different route, but the destination is certain.
Allah swt knows what's best for us.

There is only one more week for me working in Muehlbauer. After that, my student life will begin...!! I hope and pray hard that everything will be smooth.
Wish me luck and please lend me some courage..!! Fighting!!

p/s : apakah kaitan tajuk dengan isi kandungan entri kali ni? hahaha... serius x de kaitan..gimik je lebih... gomen! ngeeee~