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Monday, March 29, 2010

:: YanG ComEL ::

current mood: mixed
current song : nil

A lot of things need to be settled today. *sigh
Extremely b.u.s.y.
Putting things aside for a while, this post is dedicated to my dear sweet friend. Celebration was done last nite, with cakes, songs, pizzas and "rombongan merisik....." and hantaran too!!! *chuckle

Happy birthday to intan ismida yang chomel...!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

:: ThE overLook bLeSsinG ::

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current song: run devil run by SNSD

The surgeon put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Your cancer has come roaring back. I would give you about thirty days to live."

"...It was lung cancer. I'd previously had one lung removed. Now, four months later, the cancer was back. This time it was in my ribs and lymph system..... " Yes, this is seriously happening. It's not me, but it's my kmys senior,brother mas afzal.

He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 3 in his final year as a medical student in UK in july, 2008.

He started to blog after so many people request him to share his life experience battling with cancer. And he did. I have always follow his blog since he started blogging in December 2008. His writing inspires me a lot, on how to always be positive, dare to dream high, and most of all... he always has things to be grateful. [Masya-allah...!!!]

He is very strong, considering that he is just 26 this year, at such young tender age, battling with the deadly cancer. I can never imagine if this happens to me, or my family. I will collapse for sure, and to imagine further I do not dare. May Allah swt bless him and his family a never ending courage and strength. ~aamin

Health is a blessing we often overlook. Yes?
Allah swt has many ways to test our faith, our iman.
Brother Mas Afzal is one of the chosen people to be tested with illness. Despite the illness, he never gives up, and he tries his very best to do good deeds that benefits other people.

Having good health, is also a test by Allah swt. The test is more challenging, heavier and trickier. Thinking back, how many times we are grateful to Allah swt for these ultimate blessings? What are the good deeds that we have done so far with our good health?

Ooo Allah, I really feel ashamed of myself. Astaghfirullah !!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

:: thE viEw ::

i found that i will be blogging whenever i am suppose to do something much more important. currently i am suppose to do my assignment, but i can't figure out on how to solve it, thus, the blogging. *giggle

suddenly i feel like writing about this. it's based on my experience and observation mixing with different type of people. this is my honest view/perspective as a girl.

1. lelaki yang menggunakan bahasa carut-carutan di hadapan perempuan.
perempuan yang dimaksudkan adalah ibu, ahli keluarga, serta kawan yang berjantina perempuan. jika ingin berbuat demikian, lakukannya bersama rakan-rakan yang sealiran.
sejujurnya, rasa hormat saya akan terkikis pada lelaki sebegini.
"berkatalah yang baik-baik sahaja atau diam."

2. lelaki suka yang bercakap besar, walhal dia tidaklah sehebat mana.
sangat memualkan apabila kita tahu yang dia tidaklah sehebat mana, namun bercakap besar. akhirnya kita juga yang dicari untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalahnya/kerjanya.
"umpama harimau yang tidak bertaring yang mengaum garang"

3. lelaki yang kononnya hendak bergurau/berkelakar, tetapi lawaknya dikategorikan sebagai "offensive" oleh perempuan.
contoh, " cantiknya perempuan itu, rasa nak cium." "nanti aku peluk kang. " "nak cium..!! "
[what the heck? lelaki yang tidak sopan amat saya jauhi.]

maaf, ini hanyalah luahan/pendapat peribadi saya sahaja. mungkin perempuan lain tidak kisah jika mempunyai teman yang suka mencarut di hadapannya, tetapi saya kisah.
mungkin ada yang senang dengan teman yang gemar menggunakan "offensive joke", tetapi saya tidak. saya sangat-sangat menghargai lelaki yang tahu menghormati orang lain.

saya bukanlah insan yang sempurna, dan tiada insan yang sempurna. itu pasti.
[mungkin] ada yang berpendapat, " kecohlah minah ni. kolot... "
tetapi, bukankah ia menjadi kewajipan kita untuk berusaha menjadi lebih baik? saya doakan agar golongan ini berubah, dan kita juga...!! peluang untuk berubah sentiasa ada. *smile

"Nescaya Allah memperbaiki bagimu amalan-amalanmu dan mengampuni bagimu dosa-dosamu. Dan barangsiapa mentaati Allah dan Rasul-Nya, maka sesungguhnya ia telah mendapat kemenangan yang besar."
(Surah Al-Ahzab:71)

Indah bukan pada zahir,tapi terletak pada tutur,
terhampar pada pekerti,terserlah pada santun,
tersentuh pada hati.

Friday, March 19, 2010

:: tabiaT yaNg tiDak peRnaH beruBah ::

current mood: nil
current song: merancang kerja by nowseeheart

Since i was small, i have the habit to stick my room's wall or personal board or closet or room's door with anything other than the decoration items such as; my ambition, list of the food that I crave for, my own drawing that i like and many more. Life is very simple when we were small.

As i grow older, life gets more complicated and harder. So, the habit of sticking-something-nonsense changed to stick something that are more motivating, realistic reminder, short term and long term goal, and so on. Call me a freak, but that is who i am...!!! *wink

simple, but meaningful.

susah, tapi tak mustahil. keep trying!!!

Whenever I feel like, " I can't do this. It's tooo hard for me." I will look at the notes/posters or whatever things that I stick on my wall to remind me to remain strong, because if you believe in yourself, Allah swt will keeps you going. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get it, no obstacle is too great. *as long as you set a realistic goal!!!

This was stack 6 months ago. My future goal!!! pray for me~ *praying and struggling hard No matter how hard you work for success, if your thought is saturated with the fear of failure, it will kill your efforts, neutralize your courage to try and make success impossible.

It's okay to try, and to fail, because we learn and improve from failure to achieve success. kan?? *smile

p/s : ini salah satu habit saya. anda ada habit yang pelik or menarik untuk dikongsi bersama?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

:: Buat Mu ::

12 March 2010.
Happy birthday ayah...!! [walopon dh telambat..nk post jugak..!! *smile]

During that day, he was not at home due to outstation job which takes 3 weeks. So, I just wish him through the phone, and left the birthday present on his desk. Hopefully he likes the present.

from left: me and ayah

Anyways, I am very thankful because he is still here, with me and my family. Ya Allah, please protect my dad from any harm, and secure his place with the people that You love.

p/s: happy birthday to all march babies too..!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

:: secebis doa ::

Ya Rahman,
berkati Isninku, bersama saudaraku,
agar tidak putus-putus berprestasi,
hingga ke akhir jumaat, yang hujungnya akhirat.

p/s: petikan doa sangpelangi