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Saturday, January 30, 2010

:: the fading smile ::

dear rukia kuchiki,

i want to protect you and your fading smile.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

:: somEtimeS, we NeeD tO LoOk baCk ::

current mood: relax and serene [it's weekend...!!]
current song : Say thanks to Allah by Michael Jackson

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, bertakwalah kepada Allah dan berkatalah yang benar, nescaya Allah akan memperbaiki perbuatanmu serta mengampuni dosa-dosamu. Barangsiapa taat kepada Allah dan Rasulnya maka ia sungguh akan berbahagia dengan kebahagiaan yang agung."

I've been thinking lately, reflecting myself. Looking back on what I did, what I said, and what I saw. I learned a lot, and want to improve myself. We make mistakes, learn from it, move on, and improve. How do people make the right decision? Yes, they learn from the wrong decision that they made. That is called experience.

Got to go now...need to finish my internship report. [x tau nak tulis apa dlm report..*sigh]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

:: UpdateS...!! ::

current song: doa seorang keka sih by Inteam
current mood : happy and excited [ dah abes practical..yeay..!! ]

8 & 9 jan : my and hazman kawin-ing...!!

alhamdulillah... both of them were my ex-college mates. My was my chalet mate back then, and hazman was my muscom president. feel so happy for my, and nice people get ended up with nice people too...*smile janji Tuhan itu pasti, and I truly believe that. I went to their reception in Sepang with my best friend and her husband...the newly wed couple.

moga bahagia sampai ke syurga

I really love the song " doa seorang kekasih" by inteam since it was released about 7 years ago, without knowing that it is a piece of doa for people who's getting married [doa bakal pengantin] that is embedded into a sweet song. I highly recommend for you people to listen to the song.

15 jan : the end of my internship

I never know how much I miss my student life when I start to work in Muehlbauer. But still, I learn a lot, and gain a lot of experience from the staff there. Next week I'm gonna start my student life again...!!!

R&D mechanical people : gonna miss you guys

from left: mr jason lim; the quiet one, but always give me chocolates.
mr ethan lim; my supervisor. crazy and always around to help me.
ms looi ; the new engineer. sangat best kawan dgn dia. sweet sangat..!!
mr hisham; funny, the atmosphere maker and famous for his witty remarks.
mr mathi; the one who is full with wisdom and always encourage me to do my best.
not in the pic : mr brian lim. nice and sweet. and waaaayyy too crazy!

not to forget, other engineers from other departments, other staff, and my beloved crazy abang2 technicians... thank you so much for the knowledge, guidance and experince...!!! God bless you always...*smile

Gonna fight for my last sem, I will study and get ready... and perhaps, my chance of becoming a mechanial engineer will come...insha-allah. [pray for me]

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 : On my way back into love

current mood: exhausted [physically and mentally]
current song: cerita hati by hafiz hamidon

hello everyone...!!!
May your new year is accompany by determination and perseverance for anything that is coming. May Allah swt guide and bless us to the righteous path..aamin..

These pictures were taken yesterday when I was at the traffic light, on my way back after work. If I'm not mistaken, it was 7pm. The view was so serene and beautiful.

saya suka amek gamba langit dan awan.

different route, but the destination is certain.
Allah swt knows what's best for us.

There is only one more week for me working in Muehlbauer. After that, my student life will begin...!! I hope and pray hard that everything will be smooth.
Wish me luck and please lend me some courage..!! Fighting!!

p/s : apakah kaitan tajuk dengan isi kandungan entri kali ni? hahaha... serius x de kaitan..gimik je lebih... gomen! ngeeee~