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Saturday, February 23, 2008

:: i MiSs theM !! ::

current mood : missing my friends
current song : Happiness by Arashi

Suddenly i miss my ex-collegemates : chaletmates, netballers, classmates, muscom, diamonders.

A place where people from different life background, from different places, with different ways of thinking were destined to meet, to live, to study and to chase their dreams together.. and for some ppl, it's a place where two hearts meet and becomes one... it depends on how you interpret the meaning behind this sacred name, KYUEM.
Thank you for teaching me the meaning of perseverence, survival, and most of all...friendship.
I am really glad that my destiny brought me there. Alhamdulillah. *smile

Those who i adore, love, and miss : my chaletmates a.k.a kutukayu

Those who kept my secrets tight : my best buddy, chibi maruko.

We've shared our secrets with each other,
And it continues going strong.
We've stayed best friends through decisions made,
Whether they might be right or wrong.

My chemistry classmates : class yg paling happening and sengal!!

We've gone from heartaches to headaches, Gone from fights to fears: Diamonders.

[trip to Casa Rachado.]

No matter what has happened,
Through our tears and our mistakes,
They've always been there for me.

:: my muscom frens ::

The unbeatable: KYUEM netballers.
[outstanding players that can play any position in any situation]

When we get to know each other, a heart[bond] is born between us for the first time.

When you think of something, or think of someone, a heart is born there.

If you leave your heart with your frens, it lives on within them.

Yes, i leave my heart with them...!!!!!

p/s: i wish u guys all the best in life!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

:: Especially for those who... ::

current mood : happy + physically exhausted
current song : Born to Try by Delta Goodrem

7 Feb 2008.
we went to visit the so called 'Masjid Kristal' in Pulau Wan Man in Terengganu. to reach to that island, we took a boat at Pulau Duyong to the jetty.

before the boat ride
:: View of Masjid Kristal in Pulau Wan Man from Pulau Duyong ::

I thank God for the love ones that I have.
Especially those who stayed with me through ups and downs.

Those who accept my flaws.Those who love me unconditionally.

Those who understand when i don't express myself well.

Those who forgive me when i'm at fault. Those who can smell when i pretend things are OK.

after performing the Asar Prayer

mak : jom la kita balik, mak dh pnat ni.......

p/s : Thank you for doing me the honour of being my family. For everything, i am eternally grateful. *wide smile