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Saturday, September 20, 2008

:: the last 10 days ::

current mood: calm, and full
current song: ramadhan bulan berkat by Hijjaz

There are only ten nights left.. what will you do? have you prepare yourself for lailatul-qadr??

laila-tul Qadr - the night of Power
The Quran came down on this blessed night
A guidance for mankind an illuminating light

during this chosen night, do not forget to pray from the depth of your soul because all wishes are accepted and sins are wiped away. all we have to do is ask with a clean, humble heart to Allah s.w.t for anything good.

i have always repeat the same phrase in my blog every time when ramadhan comes. please remember:

Try to share more,
Pray more,
Do more,
And give more.

p/s : jom sama2 bersedia utk lailatul qadar...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

:: aku iNi PuaSa... ::

current mood : serene + energetic
current song : Assalamualaikum by Opick (sgt2 best..!!!)

I got this from my old ex-schoolmates. The advice is simple, but it really touches my heart and struck my mind, which makes me think.

The part that i love most : "aku ini puasa..." ... sounds classic, but meaningful..!!!

p/s : terasa nk makan bubur lambuk masakan mak...huhu

Monday, September 01, 2008

:: haPpy FasTinG...!! ::

current mood : happy
current song : ashabul kahfi by Raihan

Ramadhan is fast approaching and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims all the best in Ramadhan. As it is a month of ibadah & forgiving, I wish to extend my sincere apologies to anybody directly or indirectly that have been insulted by my words and/or any of my behaviour. May ALLAH showers all of you with blessing... *smile... insha-allah

selamat beramal...!!!

This Ramadan my heart and soul are alive
ready to change and ready to strive,
No more will the shaytan hold me back
in the worship of my Lord nothing will lack

Together lets make the decision to change
our priorities in this life lets re-arrange
This life on Earth is short and fast
but the life in the hereafter will forever last

by : Zahid bin Ghulam

p/s : paling suka berbuka puasa dengan nasi ayam masakan mak....rindu sangat2... !!!