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Monday, August 15, 2011

:: bunga...oh bunga..!! ::

current mood : vital
current song : raya by norkumalasari

until today i have been looking for a nice and decent florist in bandar perda and bukit mertajam, but unfortunately there is none.

i have this liking to have fresh flowers on my table in my room. i love the flowers' scent and cheerful colour. just by looking at the beauty of the God's creature, it can sooth your feeling and empty heart. usually i'll keep until the colour fades away and will dry them under the hot sun.
having dry flowers for decoration will be nice and exotic you know. *chuckle

i found it difficult to find a shop which have nice and fresh flowers. i don't mind about the price, but i do mind about the flowers freshness.

sape-sape tau mana nak cari? onegai!!

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