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Saturday, September 24, 2011

:: about pasar ikan manhattan ::

current mood : anxious + confuse
current song : "i do" by colbie caillat [lagu ni best..!!!]

warning : this entry has terrible bahasa rojak.

hari jumaat baru-baru ni, we went for lunch at auto city in Juru. we decided to have our lunch at "The Manhattan fish market". ini restaurant ye puan-puan, bukan pasar ikan. [chuckle]

the interior is ala-ala atas kapal, with unique decoration- jam bentuk ikan, dan segala macam yang berkaitan dengan kapal dan laut. it's interesting actually.

this restaurant only serve fish in their menu. their food is all fish based.
that time they are promoting their lunch combo, so we opted for baked dorry fish+ rice+ soft drink + mushroom soup. all these are only RM 17.90...!!! memang berbaloi!

the mushroom soup was superb..!!! best sangat!

ikan dorry yang fresh and tender...sedap...!!

i'm thinking to recommend this place to our other colleagues and boss. nak suruh depa belanje..hihi


kHaiRuLdiN said...

the other day i tried prawn cheese bakar ape ntah.. smpai kt meja trus die hidupkan api bakar sikit2.. n it taste really nice.. :D

~rukia_kuchiki said...

owh ye ke? nanti nk try jgk lah!! thanks sbb recommend =)